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How to Deal with an Evil Dust Jacket.

We all know the horror stories, the nightmares of EVIL dust jackets haunts us all! Sometimes, we have to… we have to take them off *gasp* and the book is left exposed to the world! But but but… the dust jacket is just so pretty D:! I decided to try and help some people out by making a post on Saving the Dust Jacket!

In case you don’t know, a Dust Jacket is that thing that always slides down a hard cover book :’D, it protects them or something *waves hand* whatever XD.

Horror #1: The most ultimate horror of any hardcover book with a Dust Jacket. IT SLIDES DOWN ALLLLLLL THE TIME WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO READ.

The Cures:

So look, I am NO Dust Jacket Expert I’m just offering advice here that may or may not work for you :D! Give it a shot or just laugh at my sarcasm ^_^

There are a few options I can think of, and since I’m not super super creative…


Tape works wonders right? Riiiiight?Tape fixes backpacks, binders, it hangs up all of your lovely posters on your lovely walls! Why not use tape to keep you dust jacket from slipping :)? Do what the librarians do where I go to the library and tape the edges of the jacket down onto your hardcover. And if you hate clear tape, jazz it up and use some pretty patterned duct tape!


Wait what? Bookmarks? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BRIANNA? WHAT ABOUT BOOKMARKS? Woah there, calm down, I will explain. Do you know those bookmarks that have a little slit to go over one page so it stands on another (sorry that I STINK at describing them)???? You could try those bookmarks on the cover and back cover to hold the papers from slipping.

NOTE: I’ve never tried this and I have no bookmarks like this. So *hides*

3.Take the cover off!

*GASP* NO! DO NOT DO THAT NO NO NO NO NO. Actually, go right ahead and take that cover off. Just don’t lose it… unless… do you like keeping your Dust Jacket covers or throwing them out? I hear some people just throw them out O_O. So huh. I never thought of that. This brings me to my next horror story…

4. If all else fails…PANIC

Simple right? đŸ˜€

Horror #3: It curls. *shudders* WHY DOES IT CURL?

The Cures:

1.Flatten it out!

If your dust jacket is curling at the edges *shudders* why not flatten it out? Put a book, or a notebook, on top of it BUT FOLD THE EDGES DOWN! If you leave it flat it might ruin the folds or something and never fit on again D:! WE DON’T WANT THAT! No we do not want that….

I honestly cant think of any more horror stories about Dust Jackets buuut THEY DO EXIST! Be warned people. Dust Jackets can be evil buggers, but we love ’em.


Do you hate them? Let me know. I am curious.


3 thoughts on “How to Deal with an Evil Dust Jacket.

  1. you are a nut xD BUT YES! I HATE WHEN I’M HOLDING THE BOOK AND ALL MY TRACTION IS ON THE DUST JACKET AND THE BOOK STARTS TO SLIP OUT! When that happens a lot, I just take the dust jacket off. I use the dust jack as a display thing. It makes the book look pretty on the shelf, but when I take the book down to read, OFF WITH THAT BLASTED JACKET!


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