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Sherlock- The Abominable Bride Review (including Parent’s guide!)

Sorry this review is so late T.T WHYYYYYY LIFE WHYYYYY?

You may or may not know this BUT Angelina and I are HUUUUUUUUUUGE fans of the Sherlock show on BBC. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the perfect Sherlock and Watson. The show is so well done and incredible, it’s also intense at times. Angelina and I have been bouncing up and down with joy for the last few months ever since we heard of the new Sherlock episode. The Sherlock Christmas special would be set in the past, which was pretty dang exciting. Even better it would be airing worldwide on New Years Day, WORLDWIDE!. We were expecting something fantastic, something that would live up to the greatness of the show.

Only we were disappointed, sadly :/

ANNNNNNNNNNNND beware of possible spoilers! Spoiler sections will have a * before and after them*

This episode, or movie (I’m going to call it both) was probably the most predictable Sherlock episode I have ever seen. Angelina and I were able to predict just about every single detail throughout the episode, where as we usually don’t predict as much, maybe one or two things.

*The flashbacks… or flash forwards (?)* made the story confusing, it disrupted the flow if you ask me. The Abominable Bride felt choppy :/ * I think it would have been better if they just focused on the past instead of adding the present time. They could have done better if they just made it a standalone, and had the Abominable Bride have nothing to do with the present day. *

One of my favorite things about Sherlock is how they filmed it, the effects and such. I was not disappointed in the filming for this so YES! It was just as good as the original episodes and, since it was set in the past, looked pretty dang cool as well.

The most disappointing thing for this movie, was the story. The flashbacks didn’t help move it along. Sadly, it made it feel as if The Abominable Bride had no story. The mystery wasn’t really there, there was nothing really solved and the ending was unsatisfactory. It felt as if I had wasted just about 2 hours of my life on nonsense that didn’t even matter to the story. *Sherlock and Watson spent the whole entire episode trying to solve a murder that had nothing to do with the story or Moriarty’s return.*

Also, a lot of things weren’t clarified or went unsolved. Why did that happen? What was the point in that? Why did this character keep saying what he/she said? There was NO answer.

Our Rating:


Parent’s guide!


Maybe I’m not thinking right? It has been a while since the last Sherlock season, but if you ask me this has to be the most graphic episode of Sherlock to date. The back of *Moriarty and the bride both committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head. (they showed the hole O.o)* The episode had action scenes with fighting, guns being shot, people being murdered and blood shown on curtains and the like.


3 thoughts on “Sherlock- The Abominable Bride Review (including Parent’s guide!)

  1. I agree, I was also disappointed. It gave me a very Season 3 vibe? I mean, it was kinda fast-paced and there was some snark and Lestrade was pretty awesome and Mycroft was okay I guess but … it just didn’t scream SHERLOCK like the first two seasons did. My fav moments were when they called back to the older episodes. I guess I’ll give it some leeway since it’s an Xmas special but I think it did the opposite of build hype for the next season … ah well.


  2. I was incredibly disappointed. We wait so long for updates, and then when it came… I felt like I wasn’t updated on anything. There was a mystery but nothing was really answered, so it felt like there was no plot. It was like just a rehash of everything we already knew. NOTHING PROGRESSED THE SERIES. I feel like all the time they put into that episode should have gone into the filming of season 4. Literally at the end of season 3 I was like “WTF IS MORIARTY ALIVE” and then at the end of the special I was like “WTF IS MORIARTY ALIVE!?!?” Nothing changed. I’m miffed -_-


    1. It. Was. SO. DISAPPOINTING! Every episode and season of Sherlock has blown me away, EVERY SINGLE ONE! But this movie was awful :/ it was nothing like the show and it didn’t even manage to shock me in any way whatsoever. GRRRRR. RIGHT! That was the most frustrating thing of the whole movie, nothing happened, nothing :(…. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it either X_X maybe the next season will be better…


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