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Happily Ever After (The Companion to The Selection Series) Review!

I’m not trying to sound rude when I say this but…. Why am I still reading these books? Sure I think the idea is kind of cute and the romance is cheesy (I LOOOOVE cheesy romance) but I haven’t like a single book in The Selection series unless you count The One.

Before this handy dandy collection of novellas came out, I had already read about half of them. The ones I have already read and reviewed are The Queen, The Prince and The Guard. Meaning I haven’t read the other half of the stories, The Maid, Stories from Celeste, After The One and The Favorite.

Just as a recap, here are my reviews for the other books in the series.

The Selection and The Elite- I read these before we had a blog so I have no reviews for them :[ the short is, I wasn’t a huge fan but I did enjoy The Elite more than The Selection.

So for this, I’ll be mini reviewing the whole book Happily Ever After in general (a summary of my thoughts) and the new stories I just read. If you want to know my thoughts on The Prince, The Guard and The Queen than please visit my reviews.

The Favorite


THIS! This is the novella I was literally jumping up and down for because I LOVE Marlee and her story, she is my favorite character in this whole entire series (not including Henri from The Heir because he was adorable hopefully he won’t betray me in the end XD DON’T LET ME DOWN HENRI STAY YOUR SWEET SWEET SELF!). I was incredibly excited for this novella but… I felt a bit let down :(. I think my main problem with The Selection books in general is the writing. DON’T GET ME WRONG HERE. I just can’t get into her writing, it doesn’t mean that she is BAD at writing. I just don’t like the voice of the characters or how it flows. Sorry, but that’s just me.

In this story, we learn all about Marlee, the BEST! I did love her romance with Carter, their love out of all the love in this series, felt the most real to me. It didn’t feel forced whereas I kind of felt like the others were? I don’t know so… *cough cough*

The Maid


This one was my second most anticipated because LUCY that sweet little maid but Aspen? Man I didn’t see that coming but aw! Again… I couldn’t get into the writing for this one *sighs*. The thing I had the most problems with was the length! The Maid is SUPER short and nothing happens at all it seems. Sure it shows that Aspen can be sweet and not a meany to America (like when she left ad he was hugging some girl. I felt like that was explained but HARSH man HARSH!) BUT I mean come on. There was no story to this one :/

Stories from Celeste


I really don’t like Celeste. Correction, I REALLY didn’t like her but as the series came closer to what we thought was the end (The One) I did start to like her, she isn’t my favorite but what a fierce friend to have for America (even if she was scary in the beginning, man that girl was fierce!)

My least favorite of her stories was The Kiss. BLEH. Sorry I don’t like sexual scenes not sorry. Ew. I know it wasn’t that bad but still 😛 I didn’t enjoy it.

Again I couldn’t get into the characters, they felt like… like they all have… the….same….voice…. O_O all of these stories felt like they were being narrated by the same character even though that wasn’t the case. I KNOW how hard it can be to write using different voices since I do write A LOT but that kind of disappointed me. I did see some personality change here but it felt like a story from America or Marlee or The Queen… and so on.

After The One


I don’t know why we got this one if we already have two books after The One. WAIT. Scratch that, I DO know why we got this. It was telling us that The One is not the end, or hinting at it at least.

I thought this one was boring. America and Maxon… I don’t now why but they don’t feel like they are in love to me L. So uh yeah, awkward. Plus America sounded so different in this story and I DON’T KNOW WHY but it bugged me.


Overall Happily Ever After was ok. I mean if you like The Selection you’d probably love this collection of Novellas. I keep reading because I’m holding out hope (plus I have faith in Kiera Cass) that I will eventually enjoy these stories. Her cheesy romance and all, one day :D. Plus I keep seeing her writing change, and I’m starting to like it a bit more…


3 thoughts on “Happily Ever After (The Companion to The Selection Series) Review!

  1. I keep wondering why I’m reading these books too. It’s like candy, you know it’s bad for you but you can’t stop reading xD Ugh I know I WILL read The Crown because the series will finally, blessedly be over, but also I just really want to know what happens. Darn it, Cass, how do you do this to us?? Great post!


    1. OH MY GOSH YOU NAILED IT XD. RIGHT!? I really don’t like any of her books, but I HAVE to read them, it is a MUST. Well, hopefully The Crown will blow us away… what is she starts another book about another character in The Selection haha, it could go on forever :). Thank you! Have a great day 🙂


  2. Oh gosh…this definitely doesn’t make me want to read these. Although to be honest, I wasn’t planning on it. I loved The Selection series but the sequels have not appealed to me at all. I think it’s time for her to write something totally different next time. 🙂


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