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The Magicians Season One- A Rant Filled Review


I have been excited to watch The Magicians ever since the trailer aired last year. The show looked magical, like something Angelina and I would love. Honestly, The Magicians wasn’t as adult as the trailers made it out to be, and at first, I didn’t understand why it was rated MA. There was little to no violence, no blood or sexual content… Until episode 8 ended… after episode 8, the light hearted magical show I had come to love, went downhill fast.

Everything up until the last episode was at least tolerable. There was violence and blood but I looked away, it didn’t seem like it was dwelt on that much… until the last episode.

The Magicians is rated TV-MA


The final episode in season one was trash in my opinion, it’s true and I wont apologize for it. Here’s the thing, I thought The Magicians would be different, I guess I thought wrong. There was a very violent and graphic rape scene in the episode’s final moments.

I expected better, I expected The Magicians to not do something like this but it did. Julia was violently raped by a demon as a plot device.

Words cannot describe how horrible that scene was, and how terribly upset I am.

Here’s what I mean as her rape was used as a plot device… They used it to make her into a villain. She wanted revenge on the demon who killed her friends before her eyes and raped her. Uh, you know that she didn’t need to be raped to become a villain. She could have wanted revenge for her friends but it seemed as if they wanted the show to have a sudden violent end that came out of nowhere. WHY did Julia need to be raped and WHY did they do that to her to become a villain?

Look, rape should NEVER be used as a plot device.  I can’t think of a time when it would be ok, unless the show is about a character overcoming trauma or something but this was unnecessary.

And here’s the other thing, The Magician’s was totally fine up until this point. There was little violence until after episode 8, and little sexual scenes. After episode 8 things got violent. There was no reason for the rape scene, no reason at all and I am STILL fuming over how they used it to make her a villain.

Julia was supposed to be the hero. She had enough power to pick up the knife, which could only be held by a powerful hero, and while all signs pointed to Quentin and Alice, it was Julia who was the hero. So why, WHY did they have to make her into a villain?

Maybe the author has some reason and I’d like to understand, but as of right now, I see no logical reason for any of this. It just bothers me how it was used as a plot device, still upset! It came out of nowhere and it was VERY violent and graphic.

Moving on before I rant any further.


The episodes all ended with really… tame endings. They didn’t end with cliff hangers, which made the episodes endings seem abrupt and boring as if they weren’t the true endings or something. It was really underwhelming.

What I adored about The Magicians, until everything after episode 8 (because that’s where things got bad. I’m forgetting the last episode because it was that bad) was the magic, the story and the characters.

The Magicians was very magical, I mean obviously that’s what you get from a tv show about magical people. There was some really cool ideas in the show that I’d love to see more of, although I doubt I’ll watch season two. I enjoyed how the show was about an awkward main character who didn’t really have any friends. I LOVED the idea of The Beast and how his face was hidden behind a swarm of moths, they had so much potential…

Oh, I also loved how each world had different colors. For example our world was blue and the world with the magic school was colored/yellowish.

Okay here is the other thing. Every episode before episode 8 had no story, and basically no point. They kind of had individual stories in each episode which was fine, but it kind of took away from the point of The Beast. Why show the bad guy in episode one if he doesn’t even come in again until episode 9 (or whatever. It took a while for him to come back). It made no sense to me, I WISH they spent more time developing the story throughout season one instead of in the final episodes.

Moving on, I really loved the characters. Mostly Eliot, he was sassy and funny and fashionable. He made the show for me. Honestly though, all the characters were amazing. Quinton, Penny, Julia, Alice and Margo, they were great friends and I wanted to hug them all… Even prickly Penny.

In all:

I could have created a better tv show. I know that probably sounds horrible but it is 100% true. The ending ruined everything, it was unnecessarily violent, and the rape scene was horrifyingly graphic and used as a plot device.

I recommend avoiding this show, it isn’t worth your time. I wish I never watched it. If I could, I’d forget everything but Eliot and his sassy attitude.


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      1. Hmmm okay. I hadn’t heard of it from reviews so I was surprised and guessed it must not have been so exploitative in the book or I hoped the reviewers would have brought it up!


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