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Agents of Shield Ep. #4, 5, 6, 7 (Season #1) Review

Okay, it’s now official. We are going to watch and finish TWO seasons of Agents of Shield BEFORE March, when the new season comes out. Can we accomplish this task? Can we come out victorious in the end? We shall see…

Episode #4


-Maybe it’s just me and I’m going nutty, but the cast in Agents of Shield are VERY diverse. They are more than just the typical characters, they are from foreign countries, they are different races, heck they even speak like 1000 different languages. Not only that, but they go to different countries in the episodes, like China and Belarus to name a few which only adds to the uniquness :D. It’d be fun to work on that show because you get to travel (assuming that this show isn’t on green screens, which it may be).

-This is the second episode (episode 4) to bring in a super hero (kind if) person :D! This IS about Shield and this IS about a world with super hero/super power people so it was VERY interesting to see where episode 4 went with this new guy. No spoilers but DANG that villain! They are seriously insane. And we both can’t wait to have more of them in it, what’s up with them? Am I right, or am I right?


-I like Skye, but I think it’s a bit weird that everyone trusts her this much. She’s a new girl, shouldn’t they be more cautious around her?

-There’s one pretty disturbing part that just grossed both Brianna and I out. We were trying not to look as it happened, but we kind of had to at the same time for our Parents Guide. Even though we aren’t parents we keep track over everything bad xD.


-Agents of Shield seems pretty promising. We love how they travel around the world and don’t just stay inside the US. It’s pretty cool to see tough, smart characters who (pretty much) know how to get the job done. We can’t wait to see more with this new enemy they introduced, what’s going to happen next?


-There’s a scene with a chopped off hand, there’s some blood

-There’s another pretty intense scene that has to do with eyeballs and needles. They do surgery on a characters eye and take it out, then they cut the cord that holds it there (it’s not graphic but may be pretty disturbing.) A mans eye exploded, killing him.


An old friend of Coulson’s is up to no good, Shield comes in to investigate on a mission with personal matters.


Episode #5

I’m not sure what to say, so here’s a gif from another one of my favorite TV shows. Impractical Jokers (go watch it RIGHT NOW, it’s so good.)



-This episode goes to Hong Kong YESHHHH, so cool! And in this episode of Agents of Shield, they speak in other languages. It’s always nice to hear how other people speak without English overlays. I’m happy they did this instead of having everyone speak English, tis a nice change.

-A new character is introduced, he has something to do with Skyes past. ANNNNNNND he kind of looks like the Huntsman from Once Upon a Time…

huntsmen lydon_miles_90

Even their expressions are similar…they aren’t the same guy, right? Right? Anyways, I don’t like him, but it’s nice to see a new face. (P.S. I ship Grant and Skye the most, no one ELSE. I’M LOOKING AT YOU FUTURE EPISODE.)

-A new villainess (because she’s a girl) is introduced and she is SO bad. Uh-huh I can’t wait to see more with her, I just know it’s going to scare Brianna and I. Seriously excited, but not at the same time because that makes me worried.

-As always, Marvel makes there show similar to their movies, they add in a sense of humor to lighten the mood.

agents of shield

(The second gif wasn’t in this episode, but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it.)


-This episode of Agents of Shield brought us a few new shiny faces, faces which look like the face of evil and then there’s the face of the Huntsman. This new threat seems very promising and we still can’t wait to see more with it in the future. What’s going to happen? O.o


-There’s swearing (two words total throughout the whole episode).

-This episode is a bit more graphic, like episode 4. Burnt skin is shown quite a bit, and there’s a part where someone has a burnt hole cut right through them. This may be disturbing to some viewers.  Also, a certain woman gets burned alive, which was definitely disturbing.

-Has a semi adult scene where it’s implied but not shown.


A man is kidnapped, he’s on Shield’s protection watch list. Another new character is introduced and he’s involved with Skye’s past. With all this happening, what can go wrong?


Episode #6

Here’s another Agent’s of Shield episode review for you :D. Season 3 is coming in March, our mission: watch all of season 1 and 2 before Agent’s of Shield returns! Here is an episode 6 review for YOU!


-This episode has to be one of our favorites thus far. I mean it was THE BEST! MY FAVES!

-The opening was SO intense, but after a while it was pretty great. There was more bonding between the agents and their friendship begins to grow. I love that it’s a process and that things are changing between the members! And…I still love them all xD!

-Agents of Shield episode 6 was the saddest one so far. There were so many emotions, so many FEELS I wanted to cry my heart out, but there was so many funny moments too. I was seriously close to crying, both Brianna and I were on the verge of tears. When you get emotional during a show you either know one of two things. 1. It’s super boring. Or 2. It’s super good. Episode 6 was the second option 🙂

(Let me just sit here and think about it a bit longer….)

-I was super impressed by the smaller details in the show. They didn’t leave any details behind. (SPOILER) [spoiler]One of the characters ends up sick, over time they make the character look sicker and sicker. They make it a slow transition which was super cool to see, but super sad all at once. I was just surprised they did that, and that I noticed it. [/spoiler](END SPOILER)


-Agents of Shield episode 6 was super good and super sad. It shows how the agents relationships are still growing and changing. Episode 6 also made us realize that not everything is as it seems, and that no one is safe.


-People are dying in mysterious ways and Shield comes in to investigate. Who will be the next victim?


-Some of those who died ended up with a burn mark on their head. It isn’t shown on screen for a long time, but it is a bit graphic.

RATING: 10/10

Episode #7

Welcome back to another review (AND as always, Parent’s guide) for season 1 of Agents of Shield :D!

What We Liked

  • Episode 7 was certainly interesting. This is where we get introduced to The Hub, Shield’s operation center, and the idea behind Shield’s Level system. *sigh* While the Level system IS a good idea, it was a bit frustrating. Every single episode so far (with one exception) has had a closed ending, BUT they still haven’t answered a TON of our questions which is frustrating. It seems like every episode, so far, is there own story. I really want answers now, HOW LONG WILL THEY LEAD US ON?!?!?! The Levels system only helped with our questions about what was going on with Fitz and Grant’s secret mission, these questions were answered but stiiiillllll. And I kind of like all the questions, I can’t wait until they are answered 😀

  • Angelina and I… we have our suspicions about Fitz. This isn’t a spoiler ok, we have NO idea what the future holds for ANY of the characters in this show, BUT we think Fitz is up to something. We will be watching him very closely. Although, we ADORE him SO MUCH. He is just so adorably funny 😀
  • This episode was kind of enjoyable, it was very different from the rest I’d say as well. Episode 7 deals a lot with Fitz and Grant’s relationship and how they are as friends or comrades, what every you see them as. It was fun watching these two polar opposites work together, the same goes with Skye and Simmons working back at The Hub 🙂

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Episode 7 was an intense roller coaster of feelings. We really loved how this episode focused on the team and their relationships, mostly that of Fitz and Grant’s friendship. It was fun watching the polar opposites (Fitz and Grant, Simmons and Skye) working together to save each other countless times :).

Parent’s Guide

This episode was not as graphic or as violent as the rest. Episode 7 had a short lived fight scene and that was it. Oh and a guy gets knocked out by a sleeping dart thing (the night night gun (pretty sure that is what it’s called XD)).


Grant and Fitz’s relationship is put to the test with a top secret mission. Simmons and Skye are left in the dark when it comes to their mission and they REALLY want to know what is going on.

Rating 8/10



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