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Guest Post– Game of Thrones Season 1 Review by Tris’ Nook!

Hey guys it’s Tris from over at Tris’ Nook 🙂 I wanted to do a review on The Game of Thrones TV series as I have just finished the first season and am now starting into season two. I’ve never done a guest post before, so first attempt should be a blast.

I should start off first by admitting that I have only read part of (maybe half) of the first book, so I have a basic understanding of the characters in relation to how they are in writing. I am no expert by any means, but I can at least make small comparisons between the two.


If you don’t know, Game of Thrones can be briefly described as a fantasy (more medieval times) show that follows four main families; Targaryen (House crest-Dragon), Stark (House crest-Direwolf), Lannister (House crest-Lion) and Baratheon (House crest-Stag) in a “battle” for the throne. Although it doesn’t immediately jump into all that, rather a slow start with deceit and lies building on one another throughout the story line, as well as back story on who has the throne and who has lost the throne. As the story goes on the lies get deeper, the anger and distrusts grows stronger and the characters get meaner. The show gets darker as it goes along, and you begin to realize that it’s much more than a lust for power. Revenge, rightful ownership, strength and simply wanting to reclaim what is rightful to them and payback what was sown to them. Power indeed plays a little part vs actually wanting to “reclaim” the throne or avenge wrongs. I have only watched the first season so far, and I can only say this on a standpoint in relation to the first season.


I am in awe at the complexity of the characters, and marvel at how amazing the show turned out to be. As far as I had read in the book, everything in the show matched up fairly well. Obviously a large amount of the details were removed from the show, so in the book you get far more in depth descriptions and such. However the show alone was amazing; it kept you on edge, interested and thirsting for more. Quite literally thirsting. Once I had finished the first season I turned to my fiance and said “Let’s buy the second season” and then proceeded to buy all four seasons. So in short, this show is really good.


I love the different points of views, which were captured very well in the show. I suppose it’s not hard to follow a different character on the screen though, vs having to write all the points of views. In the show they bounced between the characters equally, more equally than in the book, but still managed to get the point across they were trying to make. The show is an hour long each though, so they have plenty of time to get what they need across in an episode and not lack in anything.


The characters were really in depth as well, and that I feel is harder to accomplish on the screen. You can write in as much information/qualities into a character as you want. But to be able to get each character’s quirk across; all the love, hate, anger and just raw emotion that comes with such complex writing is amazing. Amazing actors, amazing directors and of course and amazing author.


A lot of the first season was character building and getting to know the characters, getting to know who they are and what drives them. The show was not lacking in action during the character building though, there was a perfect blend of both action and character building. It started out as a slow progression and then in the end it picked up it’s pace and exploded in a fantastic and suspenseful (as well as tearful) ending.


It is said that you don’t want to get to attached to anyone, because they all die. While I think it’s a little bit of an overstatement there is great truth to this. You really don’t want to get attached, because at any moment your favorite character could be next. That is part of what makes the show so intriguing and dark. You never know, and it comes as a rather (violent) surprise and end. For kicks I included a photo that was bouncing around of books that someone had tabbed all the death scenes in the books. Maybe it’s not an understatement after all, but in short this show tends to lean toward the violent side.


Violence in a show is not something that bothers me, and I have to say this is one of the most realistic shows with violence that I have seen. Obviously you can still tell it’s fake (short of actually beheading people for real it would be hard to completely make something like that not staged) but the quality of the special effects are amazing- and paired with the acting the perfection of this show is too real.


The costumes in this show were amazing as well, each region has their own distinct style and you can tell just by what they are wearing where they are from. Not to mention how gorgeous some (a lot) of the costumes were as well. You can really appreciate the setting and the time that is being portrayed in this show with the costumes alone.


I hardly have anything to complain about this show, and if I did have to have something all I could say was that the nudity in this show is very free and very often. And that is hardly a complaint for me. It fits into the story, and feels very time accurate to me and to the world the author is trying to portray. This is not an easy world, a fun world or an “all things happy and sunny” world. It’s a dark and dirty world, with dark and dirty dealings. If you are squeamish about things like that though (nudity), if you prefer shows without a mature rating (this has a very mature rating) then this is not the show for you. This show enters a world that is completely lacking in most things good. I would say all, but there are still some good parts and good characters. But the majority of the characters are twisted and terrible evil people. That is the joy that is Game of Thrones. The realism behind the characters, the humanity (the dark side of it) behind their actions, their lust for power and money and love/sex is perfectly described.


All in all, I loved the first season. I thought they did an amazing job portraying everything, and all the characters. Even though I have not finished the books (I will SOON though, I am not going to be behind in that trend for much longer) I feel as though this is a very book

accurate show. I have heard many bad things about books being turned into shows, but Game of Thrones definitely captured the essence of the book and all the characters in it.

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