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No Dawn Without Darkness (No Safety in Numbers #3)


This is the last book in the series No Safety In Numbers! If you want to read the first two books check out my reviews of them:

No Safety In Numbers (#1)

No Easy Way Out (#2)

Be prepared for mild spoilers…you have been warned!

First–a bomb released a deadly flu virus and the entire mall was quarantined.
Next–the medical teams evacuated and the windows were boarded up just before the virus mutated.
Now–the power is out and the mall is thrown into darkness. Shay, Marco, Lexi, Ryan, and Ginger aren’t the same people they were two weeks ago. Just like the virus, they’ve had to change in order to survive. And not all for the better. When no one can see your face, you can be anyone you want to be, and, when the doors finally open, they may not like what they’ve become.
If you think it’s silly to be afraid of the dark, you’re wrong.
Very wrong.

Oh my gosh I am almost glad that I finished this series! No Dawn Without Darkness was the best book by far in this whole entire series.

The whole book seems to be written better then the other ones, characters are more believable/likable, and the whole thing is way more thrilling. This time I actually felt something towards the characters, fear, sadness, their emotions were clear as day, their thoughts and fears making them seem more real compared to the first two.

Ever since the second half of the last book, No Easy Way Out, the mall has become a war zone. With a new strain of the virus affecting only teens has some rebel groups out for blood. They are convinced that the Senator or the mall cops created this to deal with their lawlessness, forget about helping those who are sick, forget about keeping people safe. They need food, shelter, water, protection. To gain that protection they must threaten and kill whoever refuses to cooperate. The thing is, they aren’t the only new mall gang in town creating trouble.

Without adding too much spoilers I can’t say to much but trust me when I say this is the best book in the series. Characters are more developed and filled with emotions that even I can feel. Dayna Lorentz has created the best possible ending, a realistic one at that, and I couldn’t be happier with how it ended.

If you like any other books in the series, if you like quarantines or thriller/survival stories this is the book for you!



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