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No Safety in Numbers Review


I picked up this book just really wanting something to read. Being a huge fan of any book that has a survival, thriller, mystery theme to it I almost always love. There’s just something about those books that make my heart pound and I love every minute of it. Except this book, I didn’t really like this one.

Maybe its because I have read so many books in this genera, maybe it’s because I have just read a lot of books, whatever the reason was I didn’t like this one. Well this book does have many points of views so that could have taken away from the story but I usually don’t have a problem with changing p.o.v. For me the story was boring. This whole time I was expecting people to go wild, crazy, turn on each other, form mobs, stuff like that. It didn’t really happen, well, it took about 200 pages for people to go bonkers. I was expecting hard core action from page one so that might be why I didn’t like it, the book is a bit slow.

The characters of the story are a bit different too. They are teenagers but somewhat like them, somewhat not. Ryan is like on I would say because he’s a football player, Marco kind of due to the fact he’s bullied, Lexi somewhat she’s the daughter of a senator and Shay she likes poetry. They do teenage things, kind of, but they just weren’t believable and I felt nothing towards the characters at all, no compassion, nothing. Only half way through the book do they *somewhat spoiler* try to escape like you can escape a mall with guards all over the place. *somewhat spoiler end* And in the description it says a biological bomb was discovered I don’t even think it was a bomb.

No Safety in Numbers takes place over a span of seven days in 263 pages that seems like a lot of pages for only seven days. Changing the characters points of view helps but I don’t think really added to the story to give it that survival feel. The only part that was really interesting was at the very end a somewhat cliff-hanger, although, I don’t think this book should even be a series. How can being trapped in a mall extend over three books? Well I might just read the next one to find out, who knows it might just be better, and more promising, then the first.

If you like survival books with thrilling scenes you’d like this.

If multiple points of views aren’t you thing then you might not like this.


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