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Injustice 2- “Loser Does Dishes”

I’m not a big fan of DC, I prefer Marvel, but when I played Injustice for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the game (so I definitely have to read some of the comics. Anyone have any recommendations?). I was super excited to see that they were making a second game. The first one was so good, so the second one had to be just as good, if not better. Right?

Right. So far Injustice 2 hasn’t disappointed, especially with all the events they’ve had so far such as the Wonder Women event since the movie is coming out. The only thing I don’t really like about Injustice 2 is the title, it sounds a bit lame compared to the first Injustice Gods Among Us.

I’m super slow when it comes to finishing stories, but Injustice 2’s story is pretty great. Each battle is followed by a cutscene which flows well with no wait times. It’s so nice that I find it hard to back away from the game because I’m unsure of when it saved or if there’s another battle coming up. And the expressions of the characters are so well done, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where the expressions and the mouths move so real. It does, however, look super awkward when you try to take a screenshot, they’re so animated.

The characters in the game are amazing and all have their own perks. Every time you select two different characters they interact with one another before the battle begins. What they say changes depending on who you’re playing as and who’s against you. The only downside to this is sometimes what the characters say are spoilers for the game.  I think that’s so cool, my favorite thing to do is put Black Canary against Green Arrow because their smack talk is hilarious. They’re definitely in my top favorite characters of the game along with Robin, the Flash, Wonder Woman and Super Girl. Green Arrow is by far my best character though, and Brianna’s is the Flash.

The versus mode is super fun and can get really competitive but the story is pretty good as well. It flows well between battle and cutscenes, so well that I haven’t seen a loading screen yet (keep in mind that I am only 5% done with the story). The transitions are so good that it makes it difficult for me to quit story mode because I need a break and haven’t seen if it saved. So that is one downside to an otherwise enjoyable story.

The Multiverse mode is also interesting, it’s full of times challenges which give you rewards such as rare armor and such to customize characters. You get loot boxes which you can open for a fun surprise 😀 who doesn’t love the mystery of what lies behind a closed loot box?

If you’re feeling unsure of whether to play the game or not, there’s a free Injustice 2 app that lets you experience some of the story for yourself. The game only starts you off with a few characters so it’s hard to find someone you’re good at or like, but it is another way you can experience the game before you buy it. You can also connect the app to the game which unlocks a special character. Connecting it also gives you daily missions to gain more rewards. You can also connect your game to the app every day for special prizes in the app.

Overall Injustice 2 is a highly enjoyable game with great expressions, an awesome story and fun modes that make it just as good, if not better, than the first one.


2 thoughts on “Injustice 2- “Loser Does Dishes”

  1. I remember as a child riding my bike to town with my friends and buying comics. Superman, Batman, Archie come to mind.


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