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The Seafarers Kiss Review=Lots of Love


Having long-wondered what lives beyond the ice shelf, nineteen-year-old mermaid Ersel learns of the life she wants when she rescues and befriends Ragna, a shield-maiden stranded on the mermen’s glacier. But when Ersel’s childhood friend and suitor catches them together, he gives Ersel a choice: say goodbye to Ragna or face justice at the hands of the glacier’s brutal king.

Determined to forge a different fate, Ersel seeks help from Loki. But such deals are never as one expects, and the outcome sees her exiled from the only home and protection she’s known. To save herself from perishing in the barren, underwater wasteland and be reunited with the human she’s come to love, Ersel must try to outsmart the God of Lies.

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*I was lucky enough to receive an eArc for a review, this does not change my opinions but thank you for the chance :D! *

 I don’t know if I talk about this often, I might not, but I have a weakness for a certain type of book. Books with mermaids. For some reason I’m drawn to these books like an insect drawn to light (without the possible death xD). If it has a mermaid in it, I’ve probably already read it or it’s on my TBR. So it’s no surprise that The Seafarers Kiss ended up on my high priority-must read-give it to me now list. And by the end of it, it’s easy to say that I want more. Like now!!!

What I Liked

-Everything! Can I just say that and you’ll read it? If not, I guess I’ll go into more detail.

-The Seafarers Kiss was good from the start, I found myself really connecting with Ersel. She doesn’t want to fit in with the other merpeople if it means not bring true to herself. She’s an outcast, which I can relate to, and she’s not the bravest of people (which makes her realistic). I think that in some YA novels the characters don’t seem to change and develop but Ersel did and in the end she became a completely different person.

-Going further into that, I loved all the characters in The Seafarers Kiss. They had flaws, they had personality and they lived their lives even when the main character Ersel wasn’t around. That was one of my favorite things! Life didn’t stand still without her around, things happened, people changed. Sometimes I feel like the characters just sit and wait for the MC to come back but not in this one. And all of the characters were different, none of them remained the same either. Ragna was the perfect complement to Ersel and their love story was perfect 🙂

-The story itself was good. At first it was hard for me to get into but that might be because I was distracted by my sister playing Zelda. The idea seems to be like a Little Mermaid retelling but with a clever twist I LOVED SO MUCH! There was so much emotion in the book. I felt happy for Ersel, sad, sad again and the ending gave me so many chills. Really it’s a wonderful ride!

What I Didn’t Like



-If you love The Little Mermaid, if you like books with mermaids, Loki, or are looking for an LGBT+ romance (f/f romance to be exact!) this is the kind of book I would recommend to you.



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