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Breath of the Wild Review-My LOVE Has Returned!

Breath of the Wild is finally here and oh my gosh was I excited. My dad took my sister and I to the midnight launch where we got a double sided poster (with pretty art) and got our hands on the Nintendo Switch and the game as soon as it hit 12:00.

It took us a little while to get started but once we did we had our whole family gathered around the TV to watch this new Zelda game that was getting some pretty raving reviews. A lot of things seemed different from the very start and when people say Breath of the Wild is unlike every other Zelda game out there. They’re right.

My first impression of the game was the voices. For the first time EVER the characters (minus Link) have voices. While I’m not too big of a fan of the English ones, they do convey emotions, make me emotional, and give me chills every time someone talks. But I got the impression that everyone talked all the time, or rather that every character had the voice (except for Link, of course). In Breath of the Wild, this is not the case. The characters only talk during certain cutscenes, not all the time. I found myself just a bit disappointed at this but it does make me excited at the same time. I remember playing Zelda on the Gameboy Advance and being confused as were to go because I couldn’t read at the time. The characters talk to you in a way that even younger kids might know where to actually go this time, instead of getting lost in the Lost Woods xD!

Even though some of the characters make the story easier to navigate for younger kids, I find that the game throws you in without much explanation. You just run around trying to figure out what button does what because the controls feel a bit weird (at least to me). There is a short part that lets you know how to cook food but it doesn’t really let you know what to cook. The game doesn’t tell you that, which annoyed me a bit. Also, you can make elixirs out of monster parts using the pot as well.

I haven’t played much of story, I just got passed one of the temples (not going to name it because no spoilers xD). But the map is already so HUGE. Brianna and I have only discovered about five main portions of the map when there are around nine or so. Every time we run through these discovered maps we find something new and different. That was another HUGE plus for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big map, well other than Skyrim. And when people compare Zelda to being Nintendo’s own Skyrim, I can kind of see the resemblance. Only this time when you want to go up a mountain you can actually CLIMB it instead of jumping and hoping you don’t fall between a crack and get stuck (which was really annoying in Skyrim). My only complaint with the huge map is that everything seems so far apart, almost like they wanted to make the map big but didn’t have enough of content to add, so they just spread it around. There are also times where I think “oh something cool MUST be here” and nope. There is nothing cool there and I just spent twenty minutes scaling this mountain for nothing (not to be dramatic or anything).

But like I said there is a lot of things you can find around the map! The only disappointment is that I haven’t found a SINGLE cave to run around in, at least, not yet. Has anyone found any because all I find are shallow ones full of disappointment…

There are trials too, and I guess those are like caves, but they don’t have the same adventurous feel as caves do. The trials start off kind of easy but the more you do the more challenging they seem to get. Some of them I have yet to figure out because they’re so challenging so I’ll have to go back later.

Oh man, and let me tell you. YOU DIE A LOT. I’ve never died so much in a Zelda game before and I don’t think it’s because I’m a bad player (my whole family calls me Angelina the Slayer right now xP). I think it’s because you’re weapons, shields and arrows break way too easily. I feel like every other minute I have another breaking weapon and I have to scramble to equip, or find another one before I’m killed by some beast.

But one new thing I do like is the costumes. You have to look good while saving the world, am I right? the Sailor Scouts don’t transform for nothing, now do they?

While Links outfit changes aren’t as sparkly, or glittery he does have outfits you can buy/come across. The outfits have benefits like defense, they can make you faster, stealthier, swim faster or they can make him resistant to the cold just to name a few. I LOVE changing a characters outfit so of course I LOVE changing Link’s outfit.

Another thing I don’t like about Breath of the Wild is the stamina. Link swims so slowly and when you run out of stamina you die, which is annoying and often (for me anyways). I also don’t like how QUIET the game is. Sometimes it’s nice but I LOVE Zelda music so I wish they’d play more music. There is little sound and it’s so strange, where’s the grandeur of Zelda music? And there’s no musical instrument yet either đŸ˜¦ which makes me sad because I LOVE those in Zelda. Zelda’s Lullaby… the Hyrule Fields songs… they’re not in Breath of the Wild (that I’ve noticed).

I know I mentioned a lot of complaints but I really do love Breath of the Wild. While it’s silent and the breaking weapons is annoying, I do LOVE to play it. The map is huge and I love exploring every inch of it, which is mostly why I haven’t gotten that far in story.

While there are some disappointments, I will always love Zelda no matter what they do. Breath of the Wild has beautiful graphics and so far I do enjoy the story and all the chills it gives me. I know it sounds like I hate it but I do like it đŸ™‚


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