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7 People We Want to be the Next Doctor in Doctor Who

Since Peter Capaldi announced that he’ll be leaving Doctor Who… Angelina and I are really sad :(. Honestly, he’s our favorite Doctor… So we have some ideas as to who we think would make the next perfect Doctor :D!


Hayley Atwell


Hayley Atwell has all the sass and class to be the PERFECT Doctor :D, I mean did you see her play Agent Carter??? I would really love to see a female Doctor, it’s never happened before but since Doctor Who is changing things up, could we possibly see a female Doctor? If so, please give us Hayley Atwell. She would be perfect!

John Cho


If you ask me, John Cho has a really good personality to play the Doctor. His characters in Selfie and the new Star Trek movies who his potential at playing a funny, strong, intelligent character. John Cho is a star, he could be a… DOCTOR!

Pj (Kick the PJ)


Kick the Pj is the GREATEST youtuber in the world, I’m not biased :P. But seriously, you should watch his channel (link here). His videos show is creative mind and AMAZING story telling ability. He’s funny, and can be odd (good odd:D) but isn’t that perfect for the Doctor?

Emilia Clarke


Emilie Clarke probably wont be the Doctor, she’s busy filming Game of Thrones and playing an awesome dragon princess (no spoilers, I’m on season 4)! But, she is so funny, and so expressive, it would be really fun to see her play the Doctor! But she is my favorite actress so I am biased đŸ˜›

Chloe Bennet


I’ve only seen her in Agents of Shield but she’s one of my favorite actresses.

Arjun Gupta


His character in the Magicians, Penny, is not very nice but sometimes the Doctor isn’t nice either. I think he’d be a perfect Doctor Who because why not?

Hale Appleman


Hale Appleman plays a very peppy, funny character in The Magicians. I think he’d be great as The Doctor!

So… I think this begs the question…

WHO SHOULD BE THE NEXT DOCTOR? I’m really curious as to who you guys would nominate :).



3 thoughts on “7 People We Want to be the Next Doctor in Doctor Who

  1. What about Colin Morgon who played Merlin? It would be the perfect he’s got the awkwardness, and the cuteness, but also the fierceness. Plus, it would be a great opportunity to reference Merlin since they are both BBC shows.


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