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The Magicians S02 E03 Review-“I’m going, or technically I already went”


The Magicians was back again last night, and took a whole bunch of twists. Seriously. I never saw half of that coming and I’m usually good with plot twists, no spoilers of course :P.

But wow. This episode was nuts.

Non Spoiler Thoughts

  • Episode 3 was a lot like the final episodes of season one, things were pretty dark last night, and not just because it was nighttime. Julia’s story is so much darker compared to the weirdness that is Fillory and Breakbills, she deals with some pretty heavy, realistic (in a way) events. Last night was not any different for her, with the exception of some violent events. Julia deals with a LOT, and it breaks my heart for her because I really love her character 😦
  • While there were a few dark times in last night’s episode, The Magician’s still manages to keep things light and funny. I saw a lot of people comparing Quinton’s story line to The Hunger Games and that’s pretty much spot on. It was a lot of fun seeing the new royals deal with Elliot’s curse, it’ll definitely make you laugh. That being said, it wasn’t graphic, not like what happened in Julia’s story. I think the Magicians is good at balancing gruesome scenes with comedic relief scenes. There aren’t a lot of graphic parts to begin with, but when there are, they find a way to lighten the mood.
  • But you know what, I am SO mad at Quentin and his friends. As much as I love Margo, Penny, Eliot, Alice and Quentin, they totally messed things up for Julia, they completely ignore her, they don’t even help her. They always do the exact opposite of what she says, and they don’t care about what that means for her. It drives me crazy! Quentin is not a very good friend to her in this episode, things would have went so much more smoothly if they worked together and communicated instead of being stubborn 😐
  • Back to Julia’s parts, this episode was violent, and gory in her story by the end of the episode. Just be warned, it was hard to watch and had me cringing like 100% of the time.
  • The characters have all changed so much since season one, it’s really fun (and at times sad) to see them grow and change. I loved the moments we got between the characters last night, like when Alice and Quentin talked about ice cream, and Eliot’s curse, which Penny handled hilariously.
  • Here are a few noteworthy, non spoiler quotes that I just LOVED from last night episode 🙂
    • “I’m going to make you the best ice cream sundae you’ve ever had.”
    • “I’m going, or technically, I already went.”
    • “Alice is going full Harry Potter part seven/eight.”
    • Margo: “I guess we’re going to die.”
    • Eliot: “Two more pretty corpses.”

Spoiler Thoughts

Well then, let’s talk about some major ending spoilers.

  • THAT ENDING! The ending to last night’s episode literally had me shocked more than once, it just kept on shocking. I’ve never seen so many twists happen in such a short amount of time and I really want to talk about that.


This was me the whole last part of the episode!

  • For starters, I really liked Marina. She was definitely cold hearted and selfish, but she was pretty much Julia’s only friend, if you can call her that. Marina helped Julia recover from what Raynard did to her at the end of season one, and she’s helping her get her revenge in this episode. As much as I love Marina, it was really difficult to watch her trapped with Raynard. Rayanard is not a trickster, he’s just a jerk, worse than a jerk actually. I was NOT a fan of what he did to Marina’s cat and her hand, and how he treated her. That just made me feel disgusted. I have to give the actor credit though, he plays a bad guy really well 😐 I am so so so so sad Marina died, when we saw her in the end of the episode with Julia, let me tell you, my heart broke. Julia probably blames herself for Marina’s death, this is only going to make her want revenge even more. Raynard took from her her closest and only friends in season one, and he took from her the last person she had. JULIA ugh, let me tell you. She just deserves happiness. #protectJulia2017
  • Alice going all Niffin (however you spell that) in the end of this episode was insane! I NEVER saw that coming, I thought she was dead for good…. and then Quentin killed her because she was going to kill them and I was like O_O Wow, I did not see that one coming. How will Quentin deal with Alice’s death after they finally fixed their relationship? Is Alice gone for good? Is the Beast actually dead? If Quentin and Julia worked together, they could have defeated Raynard AND the Beast but no 😐 instead we have a dead Alice and a dead Marina. THIS IS WHY THEY SHOULD WORK TOGETHER 😦


  • This episode of the Magicians did NOT disappoint. We finally got an interesting episode ending, there were quite a few shocking twists. And while it was hard to watch, they balanced the darkness with some comedic relief.

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