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Legion S01 E01 Review – “It’s Just Thursday”

Last night was a late one full of good tv shows, so I can’t exactly complain. After Angelina and I watched The Magicians, we changed the channel to watch the newest Marvel show, Legion. I mean it IS basically X-men, but focusing on a different character, David. I can’t complain about X-men, I like X-men so of COURSE we had to watch Legion :D.

We saw the first half of the episode at NYCC, and they ended it where things were starting to get interesting. So we just had to see where the episode took off, even if it was a bit dark.


BUT I would like to provide a trigger warning first, before we get to our review.

Warning: In the first 2-3 minutes, David attempts to commit suicide.

Please just takes this warning if you need it, it is hard to watch (obviously).

Now, on to the review:

No Spoiler Thoughts

  • Everything starts off really happy, but don’t expect it to last, things get DARK very fast. That’s one of my biggest complaints about Legion, the trailers made it seem like it was going to be funny, and weird/odd, not dark and creepy. The trailers I’ve seen were really misleading, this show is not the light hearted, mutant centered show I thought it was going to be, it is much darker. Yes, it is funny and weird, really weird, but some parts of this show made me wonder if I was going to sleep tonight.
    • It wasn’t exactly horror, it was just the way they made the mood feel to the show. For example in the beginning, we get to basically hear what David’s mind sounds like, with lots of voices talking over one another. We also get to see a creepy old couple sitting in the dark hallway laughing, that’s creepy. It’s the lighting, the coloring, how they film it and the sound. It is SO well done but The Yellow Eyed Demon FREAKS ME OUT.
  • This episode was so choppy, it skipped around all over the place without really explaining itself, like the timeline was messed up. One minute we’d see David in the “future” and the next he’d be back in the hospital. It was, at times, hard to follow, but I think it was supposed to be like that. I don’t really mind personally, it was just hard to follow at times.
  • The coloring is soooooooo pretty. Everything is yellow and blue, and at times when things get crazy, they complete change it up to red, purple, it’s just really colorful. The editing on this show reminds me of Sherlock, the transitions are so smooth and amazing, and I love how they filmed it, it only adds to the weirdness of the show, and at times, the creepiness. Sometimes they’d film it like you were the character looking through their eyes, it helped establish a connection to the main character.
  • I love love love love looooove the characters. David is awkward and loveable, Sydney is seemingly prickly and cold, but is also very loveable, she has a good heart (so far). I also really liked Lenny. The relationships between the characters is already interesting, yet I can see things getting SO much crazier in the future… considering some theories I’ve seen 😐
  • I think the second half of the episode was so much better, things started to get less jumpy and finally began to make sense.

Spoiler Thoughts

  • I wonder who this Yellow Eyed Demon guy is, he is pretty darn creepy. How did Lenny (was it Lenny) end up in the wall? I HAVE A LONG LIST OF QUESTIONS HERE.
  • The ending of this episode! Was. So. GOOD! I’m not sure why I loved it so much, but when Sydney came to rescue David, that was a pretty epic scene. I loved seeing more mutant powers, and that was one epic escape scene. I wonder who this Ms.Bird is? Is she David’s mom?


  • Overall Legion was darker than we thought it was going to be. The choppy timeline was hard to follow but the ending showed great promise. We can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Did you watch Legion last night? Do you want to? Let us know below!!!


2 thoughts on “Legion S01 E01 Review – “It’s Just Thursday”

  1. I had not heard about this show before, but it sounds really interesting. I’m already watching a few of the Marvel and DC shows about superheroes that are airing right now, but none of them sounds this different and weird. I will give the first episode a chance to see if I like it. Great review!


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