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What Would Link Do if Zelda was the Hero?


I saw a quote the other day and it asked, “what would Link do if Zelda was the hero?”

Honestly, that makes me laugh (not to disrespect) because there’s a lot Link could be doing if Zelda had her own game. A LOT a lot. So this lead me to the idea of writing a discussion post, where I give some ideas as to what Link could do if Zelda had her own game :D!

Note: I LOVE Link, I am in no ways hating on The Legend of Zelda or Link as a main character. There’s a lot Link could be doing if Zelda had her own game, and I want to demonstrate that.

*beware of some spoilers*

1.Zelda could save Link.

We have so many games where the guy saves the girl, so why not switch it around? We always see Link saving Zelda (of some variation XD) and Mario saving Peach… so why not let Zelda save Link for once? No one is invincible, Link isn’t invincible. Why not turn the tables?

2.Zelda and Link could work together to reunite the pieces of the triforce 

I think if this was a Legend of Zelda game, it could have rotation points of view (where you play as BOTH Link and Zelda) or you could have the choice. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Link and Zelda team up? If the pieces of the triforce were in danger, wouldn’t she help Link reunite them because she knows how important they are? Zelda has been shown to be powerful time after time, so why not display her power?

3.Link and Zelda could team up to get the mirror pieces back together to save Midna in the Shadow Realm.

Angelina came up with this one and I LOVE it. Twilight Princess is one of our favorite Zelda games, I think there’s still so much we could explore in the Twilight Princess world.

What if the game focuses on saving Midna, so Link and Zelda have to team up to put the mirror back together? They would be an awesome, unstoppable force if they worked together. I would love to revisit the shadow realm 🙂

4.He could be a minor character, and we get some background on who Zelda is.

We always get to figure out who Zelda is from Link’s point of view, but how does Zelda handle this? What is it like for her when she realizes who she is? What if we had a game where Zelda finds out who she is on her own?

She doesn’t need Link to reveal her identity, she can do that on her own.

5.Link and Zelda could team up to save Lorule

Basically, Link and Zelda need to team up because that would be AMAZING.

6.Link could have disappeared and Zelda is investigating where the hero of time went.

If Link is always saving Hyrule (and the world in general) what would happen if he vanished? Who would save everyone without Link?

Zelda knows how important he is, so she decides to investigate. BOOM. A thriller, mystery with an awesome Princess as a lead.

What happened to Link?

Where has he gone?


7. Link isn’t a character.

I mean, it is called the Legend of Zelda.

8. The Legend of Link

In which you play as Zelda to discover the Legend of Link, aka the hero who keeps being born to save time XD

9. Linkle could be a character

I mean you made her, USE her! And you could make Princess Zelda, Prince Zelda❤!

10. Ocarina of Time Zelda

*spoilers* you could do it mini story where you live part of the game through Zelda point of view. She goes through so much in that game and she becomes Sheik!

11. Zelda vs. Shadow Link

Link is overtaken by the darkness, Zelda has to take things into her own hands to save Link from the darkness within.

12. Windwaker Zelda

*spoilers* It would just be fun to play as her as a pirate.

13. Other female playable characters

Playing as one of the Zora princesses would be fun. Playing as Midna would be awesome! 

If you like The Legend of Zelda, what do you think Link could do if the princess didn’t need to be saved for once? 


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