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Riverdale S01 E01 Reivew-“Where’s the heat? Where’s the sizzle?”



*This show gets a three because I like Cole Sprouse (two stars for him) and because it has pretty coloring. 😀

Do you want to know what the most disappointing TV show of 2017 is? Riverdale, hands down. I don’t think I’ll ever watch a show as disappointing as this one. In my opinion it was the worst episode one to a TV series I have ever watched. I didn’t enjoy The 100 episode one but that was about five billion times better.

*Note, I have never read the comics, maybe I would have liked the show better but no. I don’t think so because I’m so upset*

Usually the first episode introduces the characters and lets you get a feel for who they are and what world they’re in. But I felt like Riverdale just threw you in with little (to no) explanation. While I think this worked with Colony, it did not work for Riverdale. The reason why it doesn’t work is because you don’t know why you should care about the characters. No plot is introduced, nothing exciting happens, it’s just one forced conversation after another, with little to no emotion. Even the character relationships happened too quickly, they too felt forced.

*spoiler point* the only thing plot wise that did happen, only happened in the first minute. Cheryl’s brother died and they just skimmed over that and boom it was over. You weren’t even given a reason to care, nor did I personally feel anything. *end spoiler thing*

And Archie, oh my gosh don’t get me STARTED on that guy. I won’t go into details because spoilers. He’s basically a cheater on three girls. Ever heard of a love square? Yeah.

Another very disappointing thing was that Jughead is supposed to be asexual and aromantic but they wrote it out completely saying that he could be in the future if the show is popular enough (from what I remember). Basically they’re saying that they’re too lazy to make a show that doesn’t center around romance and sex. But whatever.


To make things even worse Betty and Veronica were trying out for cheer-leading and Cheryl said, “girls where’s the heat? Where’s the sizzle?” So then Veronica and Betty kissed and were put on the team. Now I’m not saying that girls kissing is wrong. What I AM saying is that they kissed for no reason and just moved on in their lives. From what I’ve heard, they wont be getting into a relationship. And as far as I know, friends don’t kiss! So I don’t get why they had the two girls kiss if they wont be getting together!

The only thing I did like about this show was Cole Sprouse’s black hair, Betty and Veronica’s friendship and the colors of the TV show. Other than that there was nothing of quality that came from this show. Usually I would give it another shot since it’s episode one but because of all the problems listed above I won’t be watching this show anymore.

The only reason I’d give it another chance is if they make Jughead asexual/aromantic.

Spoiler Filled Reactions:

  • Even though he only came into it for a few seconds, I was SUPER excited to see Jughead!!!!!!!
  • The ONLY thing noteworthy that happened in this episode, was when the characters tripped over a dead body. Other than that, you could skip the first episode and be totally fine…
  • Archie is too perfect, he does EVERYTHING, he excels at EVERYTHING, he has three girlfriends basically. I don’t like how he led Bettie on (who had a crush on him), then kissed Veronica (who JUST moved into town) and was romantically involved with his teacher (this trope needs to die). Basically, I’m thinking Archie in the comics is probably better than tv show Archie, because I couldn’t stand him in this episode. Sorry :/
  • I LITERALLY have nothing else to say because nothing happened.

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