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The Magicians S02 E01 Review – “As Natural as Underwear”


But really it hasn’t been long, it’s been two days…

Anyways, you might remember our very long, rant filled review for season one of the Magicians (found here) and our vow to never watch season 2. Well, things change. Please allow me to explain!

*Please note there might be spoilers for season 1 of The Magicians in here.*


Reason 1: Elliot and Margo.

Need I explain? Elliot and Margo make the show!!

Reason 2: MAGIC

Where are all the magical tv shows at? This is the ONLY one I know of.

Reason 3: This interview

Angelina and I saw an interview with the actress who plays Julia (Stella Maeve) and she talked about how season 2 will discuss the importance of telling a survivors story. She wants to portray the aftermath of Julia’s assault as accurately as possible, and she wants to do her character justice. So I am REALLY hoping that they’ll do a good job with Julia’s character because SHE DESERVES HAPPINESS

Ok mini rant for season 1 here:

Quinton totally ditched Julia. He found his magical world, yay. But ever since Julia was rejected from Brakebills? Friendship = Over. You know what, Julia REALLY needed him, and he left her when she needed him most D:<

Min rant over. REVIEW TIME :D!



Spoilers for season 1, not season 2!

  • Remember the crazy ending to season 1 where Penny’s hands are cut off, Elliot and Margo looked like the died and Alice is probably 100% dead? Well, all of that was undone really fast. Like freaky fast. No spoilers but D: I really dislike it when things are that convenient. I expected more of a struggle?
  • This episode gave me so many Narnia vibes, it was much lighter than what went down at the end of season 1.
    • This episode was so much lighter and had so many awkward jokes, which I love. The characters on The Magicians aren’t afraid of being nerdy or weird, they just do it. I love their humor and their friendship because it feels so real.
    • Not to say that this episode didn’t have any dark parts because it REALLY did. This episode brought out the emotions and internal struggles the characters were facing from the ending of season 1. This episode really showed how much they’ve grown and changed over the first season.
    • The world FELT like Narnia too. Fillory is not Narnia, it is NOT Narnia D: but I’m glad they gave the characters some time to chill this episode goodness, they needed a semi break.
    • horrible-gif
      Fillory in a nutshell
    • I also have another feeling as to why this felt like Narnia but it’s spoilers so I wont share, you’ll know it when you see it.
  • All the characters were acting really weird in this episode, maybe it was just me?
    • Like (this isn’t a spoilers) when Alice sees some horses she goes crazy and talks about how beautiful they are, and how much she loves horses. I think maybe that is a result of the potion she drank from that horse guy? But it was still really weird.
    • Penny, at the beginning of the episode, was talking weird. He sounded really freaked out, not that I blame him. And I do think that was because he had his hands cut off at the end of season one and is probably still recovering from shock D:
  • This was probably the funniest episode in the series so far. I kept laughing, or smiling because there were so many jokes.
    • Which brings me to this reviews title XD That line, “it feels as natural as underwear” is a line from the episode last night. It made me laugh so much…
    • They wander upon this guy who starts asking them questions to prove their worth… and his questions, and the way Elliot answers is the BEST. No spoilers!
Elliot has the best lines!
  • I still have a HUGE problem with the episodes endings, and I really hope this changes. The end of the episodes (even in season 1) leaves me saying, “that’s it?” The endings are so abrupt, and they don’t leave me wanting more. It doesn’t even feel like an episode ending?! It’s really hard to explain but it’s very unexciting and I can’t explain the feeling…

    This pretty much sums up how I feel about the episodes endings…
  • I am so happy that this episode showed us a lot of good friendship goals! I love tv shows/books with great friendships and The Magicians is full of that. We really get to see how close Penny, Margo, Elliot, Alice and Quinton have all come to be. They’ve survived so much together and it makes them feel like family in this episode ❤


Spoiler Review:


  • Everything was too easy because Alice drank that “special” (DISGUSTING) potion. And wham, she is alive. It felt too easy, so much chaos undone in a few minutes…
  • Elliot really brought out deep feelings today… The moment where he asked Quintin for a hug, my heart broke. I feel like his concerns about his friends leaving him and never returning are really valid. If time moves differently in Fillory than on Earth, his friends could die and Elliot would never know what happened to them 😦
    • I just REALLY want Elliot to be happy. In season one he was gay (maybe he is bisexual?) and they forced him to marry a girl. Season one was not a happy time for Elliot with his boyfriend turning out to be a monster and then dying… And then him having to marry a girl in Fillory and never be able to leave… makes me so sad. I HOPE season 2 gives him happiness and doesn’t…kill…him… off….


  • What’s going to happen to Penny? That guy by the river said that he was going to have a strong position one day and that this lesson (of not going off on strangers and being ranty 100% of the time) will help him train for the position. What will happen to his hands? Will he get them back again in working condition? What position will he fill? Also, why didn’t he get a crown?
  • I want Julia to be happy 😦 she was one of my favorite characters in season one…


Spoiler Filled Summary!!!

Quentin makes a deal with a stranger to give him her blood in order to get her help. He returns to find all of his friends alive thanks to Alice’s “magical potion.” They all freak out about Julia and the Beast while trying to figure out what they’re doing next. Penny is determined on getting his hands back but makes the guy who gave him his hands back super mad, so he’s got some problems with them. The whole group minus Penny have to go back to Brakebills to find someone. Meanwhile Julia and the Beast are working together.

Anyways, I am actually excited to see where they go with this season!



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