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Sweet/Vicious Season 1 (Episode 1-3) Review


Trigger warning: assault.

This show (from what I’ve seen) has been triggering to survivors of assault. So please be warned!

My summary: Sweet/Vicious is about two girls who go after assaulters to prevent them from ever assaulting anyone else again.

I saw someone mention Sweet/Vicious on twitter and it reminded me that I was partly curious about the show. I knew the concept, I had seen the trailer, I just wasn’t sure if it would be good, problematic, over the top, or what. But this person said they LOVED it and they wanted more so it got me thinking.

Now I’m only reviewing episodes 1-3 right now because I have to log into the MTV app to watch the others and I don’t know the log in so ­čśŽ I was planning on catching up and reviewing all of season 1 Tuesday after watching the finale but nooooooo the MTV app had other plans.

So why am I reviewing season one (episode 1-3) now? Good question!

After watching three episodes, I think Sweet/Vicious does a REALLY good job bringing attention to assault, the problems behind people getting away with it, and how people who were assaulted deal with it afterwards. And I REALLY want this show to succeed because, GUYS, Sweet/Vicious (so far) has been AMAZING at handling these issues.

After reading that and a few articles (without seeing any negative reviews) I thought maybe this show was something I’d be interested in. Onto my review of episodes 1-3!

Trigger warning for episodes 1-3: Violence* and assault are big parts of this show.

  • Sweet/Vicious is FULL of good characters who are very different and well developed.
    • Ophelia- she is funny, awkward, and a super smart hacker. Ophelia is a lovable character that is easy to relate to and understand. She is my favorite character in the show so far ­čśÇ she has a good heart.
    • Jules- Smart, strong and beats stereotypes. We all know that stereotype where “pretty” = dumb/mean, but in Sweet/Vicious, this is not the case at all. Jules is a fighter, but she isn’t mean at all. She has a good heart too.
    • Harris- He is SUPER funny, and very smart and I also ADORE him. Harris is researching a paper on racial profiling and racism, I can’t wait to see if Sweet/Vicious deals with those topics as well. Harris is a good friend to Ophelia, that’s for sure.
    • Kennedy- Jule’s best friend, she is mellow, caring and has a huge heart (all the heroes of his show do). I also really love her ­čÖé
    • Tyler- I don’t know if he is good or bad yet???
  • The plot of Sweet/Vicious is all about dealing with assault and what happens afterwords. (Semi spoilers below)
    • In episode two we see a character who had been assaulted at the police station. She tells Ophelia that she had been waiting for hours, and they kept moving her all around the place but refused to talk to her so that she could file a report. She leaves the station saying that she didn’t want to file a report anymore.
    • In episode three, a character who had been assaulted somewhat blames herself for the attack. In a video, she asks if she, “gave him the wrong vibes,” and if, “it was all her fault.”
  • There is violence but it isn’t overly graphic and is somewhat minimal.┬áThe only really violent scene was in episode one (spoilers) where a character gets murdered. (end spoilers)┬áOther than that, the girl’s beat the boy’s up and leave them with a warning. It isn’t over the top, or overly bloody/gory.
  • Episode one has an assault scene that doesn’t show anything but is heavily implied. SO BE WARNED PLEASE.
  • The editing is┬áreally good in this show! I love the coloring, and how the text messages appear on the screen. It reminds me a lot of Sherlock, and I LOVE the editing on Sherlock!
  • Sweet/Vicious offers smart, strong, realist female characters of all types, not the cookie cutter stereotypes we usually get. There are no pretty mean girls with no backstory, the boys aren’t all jocks. The characters in this show break through our usual character types and venture into new territory, giving us sweet relationships between girl characters (FRIENDSHIP GOALS all around). I really appreciate what they’re trying to do with the show, and I cannot express how wonderful it is to see college girls in a TV show that aren’t catty gossipers, because that’s what I usually see.
  • Sweet/Vicious deals with relevant issues like racial profiling, racism and assault, not JUST assault. Honestly, this show is so real and raw with how they handle these issues. (semi-spoilers ahead)
    • In episode two, Harris is handcuffed by the police because they thought, “he was a frat boy” who was caught trespassing when Harris was eating a bowl of frozen yogurt :/ The police didn’t bother to apologize but they let him go. This made Harris realize what he really wanted to right his essay on, race bias with local police.
  • The girls have to deal with the consequences of what happens
    • In episode one, Ophelia accidentally┬ámurders a character while trying to save Jules from getting murdered. The girls aren’t off the hook, they have to deal with hiding the body, the police, and the victim’s family.
  • So far, besides the scene in episode one, no one has been assaulted on screen. They always find out afterwords and haven’t shown it yet. YET. I have only seen three episodes.
  • This show is a dark comedy but it does NOT make fun of assault in any way. The humor does NOT joke about assault (so far).


Sweet/Vicious is a realistic TV show that deals with relevant, important topics we are all facing today. From assault to racism, they handle these issues very well (so far) and the characters are more than just cookie cutters. I recommend this show because of how powerful, and eye opening it is.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the season as soon as I find a way to watch it XD! I hope it’s as good as the first three episodes were.


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