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Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3 Review – The Final Disappointment :(


*There will be spoilers for season 4 episode 1 and 2 in this review, you have been warned*


I was hyped for all of season 4, I mean, we’ve waited 3 years for this. Yet, when it came to the last episode (or the supposed last episode) I tried to not keep my hopes too high because it is the supposed final episode. Despite this, my hopes were still pretty crushed. The Sherlock I had once loved ended up kind of destroyed by a dark, hard to watch mess. I liked the other two episodes a lot more, I could watch those, at least.

From the very beginning of episode 3, the overall mood of Sherlock was dark. It started off with a somewhat intense scene with Mycroft (no spoilers). I expected it to lighten up a bit as the episode when on, however, that was not the case. Sure there were a few jokes here and there but nothing to lighten the mood.

As I continued to watch this episode it became harder and harder to watch. Sherlock goes through some pretty horrifying things in The Final Problem, as does Mycroft and Watson. But Sherlock gets the hardest parts because he’s the main player in the game. Throughout the episode he went through, what seemed to me, to be mental torture. I haven’t felt that horrified while watching a TV show since I saw the last episode of the Magicians. It just felt like a huge departure from the past seasons.

When they introduced Sherlock’s sister, I was SUPER excited. I expected Moriarty to be their brother but instead they had a SISTER. That was a plot twist I never saw coming. I was excited to see what she did and why they never talked about her. In the end, I wished they never introduced her. Episode 2 was pretty dark but she brings on the true abyss in episode 3. She seems to be evil just because, she really has no motivation other than *spoiler(?)* jealousy. And I think that’s another place where this episode falls apart. Villains are supposed to have motivations and from what I remember from previous episodes, most of the villains did have motivations.

Even though I didn’t like Euros I did like the actress who played her. She did a good job acting all creepy and evil. The characters skills were quite impressive too, I just didn’t like what she did and how she became the person she was in the end.

Adding on to that though, I felt like the Final Problem didn’t really have a mystery. All we get is to see Sherlock pretty much tortured, which is a lot of fun *sarcasm* and some pretty intense, rather disturbing family drama.

Well despite my whole distaste for all that, I was hoping I’d at least like the ending. Nope. I didn’t. Maybe I’m being too critical but they left it too open (which makes sense if they’re making another season). It just fell flat for me and some things were left unanswered. *spoilers* like Molly. We never find out why she’s upset and Sherlock never goes to her in the end to apologize, or explain. *end spoilers*

Overall it was an intense episode that felt completely different from the other seasons. I’m not sure if it was just me but The Final Problem was so hard to watch, there were points where I almost decided to quite watching. Parts where I felt sick to my stomach after watching. That, to me, is not the Sherlock I love. I’d rather just forget that I watched this episode.

*Spoilery Thoughts*

-Euros seemed to be evil because she never received help (in my opinion). So does that make Mycroft the true villain of this episode? He shut her away when she needed people the most. I get that she was a danger but why not get her help, instead of putting her on an island, isolated from everyone. Is it because she’s so smart/manipulative?

-I was excited to see Moriarty, even though he’s pretty evil himself. I was disappointed to find out he was just dead and filmed a bunch of videos in a five minute span. Is that believable? To plan out that whole thing in five minutes? She’s smart, they’re smart, but I’m not sure…

-Did anyone else have a problem watching this episode, emotionally? I felt horrified for Sherlock, I can’t imagine what emotional turmoil he was feeling.

-Some scenes in this episode didn’t make a lot of sense. How did little Euros kill Sherlock’s friend? The plane scene confused me, when we found it it was just Euros with her eyes closed… I didn’t full understand that. It felt too sudden, like there was all this buildup and Sherlock was nearly out of time to save the girl and everyone on the plane and… oh, it was nothing but her mind :O I’m glad no one died but still.

-The episode ended like 7 minutes early and the last minute or two was Mary’s video. I thought the ending was too rushed, like they finished the case (or game?) and quick montage and credits. Not a fan of how rushed that was. Where was the reflection on the past seasons? Where were the heartfelt moments we’ve lived through while watching Sherlock over these last six years or so? Not only did this episode not feel like Sherlock, it didn’t pay homage to the last few seasons, why didn’t it give us some sort of reflection?

-The scenes in this episode were sooooooo hard to watch, it was disturbing. Redbeard not being a dog but Sherlock’s friends, the bomb under Molly’s house… Euros making John or Mycroft shoot the Governor… SUPER intense. It felt like a horror movie since the beginning with the creepy clown and flickering lights at Mycroft’s home….


4 thoughts on “Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3 Review – The Final Disappointment :(

  1. I agree. This was my least favorite episode of the season, and I really dislike it as a possible ending to the entire show. It wasn’t a mystery; it was just Euros messing with them which, frankly, I don’t find interesting. I don’t mind when the show touches on dark themes, but I think a lot of people like Sherlock to see the bizarre cases he solves; it’s supposed to have some fun elements, even when you’re dealing with murder mysteries and such.

    This was just Sherlock being challenged, and I felt that we saw that before, when he shot the guy blackmailing Lady Smallwood. This episode also had the same character arc: Sherlock thinks he’s got it. Sherlock realizes he’s stumped, and that’s new! (except, you know, not this time) Sherlock then “beats” (or cheats?) the puzzle by doing the unexpected (shooting the villain, or attempting to shoot himself). There doesn’t seem to be much cleverness or deduction involved, unless you count Sherlock’s ability to guess the one thing they never predicted he would do. But it makes it more of an action show than a detective show, which I dislike.


    1. Right! If this is the ending, it was too ambiguous, too out there 😦 definitely not a satisfying ending. Same! Euros just came from nowhere really, I was excited about the idea of Sherlock having a sister but this episode took things in a much different, and unexpected direction.
      I’m sorry you weren’t a fan either 😦 I’ve seen lots of mixed reactions, and I definitely get what you mean. It didn’t feel like Sherlock. Thanks for the comment though, hopefully if there’s another season the ending is official :O


  2. I too had a problem with the ending of the season, especially since it is possible that this was the very last season we will get. It ended with a cheesy montage type thing. It was dumb, there was no closure. This whole season has been so unlike the past three, and while it was good at times, I don’t know how to fully feel about it.


    1. Right! I get why they ended it like that because it MIGHT be the last season, but if it is the last season, that ending was definitely not satisfying at all :/ If we get a season five, I hope you like it better 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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