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Sherlock Season 4 Episode 2 Review – THAT ENDING THO


Warning: This review contains spoilers for Sherlock season 4 episode 1, you’ve been warned!

Wow. This episode. After last weeks ok episode ( I didn’t like it as much, Angelina LOVED it) I wasn’t sure what to expect for The Lying Detective… But after watching it, I found my love for Sherlock once more.

Sherlock season 4 episode 2 reminded me of how GOOD Sherlock is as a tv show. The writing, the editing, the characters… This episode brought Sherlock back to life… and made me tear up a bit :’D


Spoiler FREE thoughts:

  • This episode was heartbreaking. The Lying Detective (the name of this episode) was pretty much a roller-coaster of feelings, but it was mostly downhill feelings aka sadness and lots of tears, I watched this episode through my tears because it was just that SAD. We get to see the aftermath of Mary’s death and the impact it has on Watson and Sherlock’s relationship. It broke my heart to see Sherlock without his buddy Watson because he had fallen back into his old habits šŸ˜¦
  • Ok but there were some pretty funny parts in this episode. I just cried more than laughed…
  • I LOVED how this episode was edited, and I’ll probably say this for every episode. The Lying Detective focuses on Mr. Smith and I really liked how they incorporated his fame into the episode by adding snippets of commercials or interviews he had been apart of. Plus the actor for Mr. Smith is an amazing actor!
  • We really get to see Sherlock become somewhat of a hero in this episode. I think it’s safe to say, he has changed so much since season 1, we definitely see that in this episode.
  • Ms. Hudson plays a big role in this episode and I couldn’t be more happier! She is such a fun character, I adore her to pieces :D. She cares so much for Watson and Sherlock… that is so apparent in this episode. I’d love to see more about her!
  • THE ENDING OF THIS EPISODE Was SO INCREDIBLE. This episode was a LOT better than the first one if you ask me, so if you’re wondering whether or not to continue watching Sherlock, at least watch this episode :). You wont regret it (I hope)!

Super spoiler thoughts:

Major spoilers below! You’ve been warned!

  • Mr. Smith was a CRAZY villain. The actorĀ is amazing at playing evil, vile villainous roles and he is no different in this episode. At times I couldn’t tell if Sherlock was right about him being a serial killer, or if he was lying (this episode IS called The Lying Detective….) He was such a great villain! He turned Sherlock’s paranoia against him, making Sherlock seem like he was the crazy one, he turned Jon Watson against Sherlock too (which he kind of was already but… still)
  • I thought Sherlock was going to die when Mr. Smith was trying to kill him. I think this is the last season of Sherlock, and I could definitely see him dying to end the show… I am really glad he didn’t die though. Mr. Smith’s hospital was inspired by that real murderer’s hotel, I don’t remember his name, but that was definitely freaky… I was AFRAID Sherlock was going to die…
  • When Watson ran in to save Sherlock, I wanted to cheer. Thank goodness for Watson, or Sherlock would have died for REAL this time.
  • The ending of this episode was the saddest part, this was what really got to me. We get that exchange in the beginning between Watson and his therapist where he says something along the lines of, “why does everyone act like it’s ok when it’s not?” and I think the therapist said, “it is what it is?” OR something, I can’t remember exactly… BUT the part where Sherlock says, “it’s ok,” and Watson replies, “no, it’s not.” Sherlock says, “it is what it is,” line totally broke my heart because that’s what Watson had been wanting to hear since the beginning of the episode! Not to mention the previous scene where he tells Mary he cheated on her and she disappeared… that was pretty emotional as well. Seeing the emotion on the actors faces only makes it WORSE.
  • And the scene where Watson admits Sherlock didn’t kill Mary where Sherlock replies that she put a number on his life, one he can’t figure out how to repay BROKE ME TO PIECES. I don’t remember the exact phrasing (probably because I was crying) but that line hit me pretty hard. Sherlock really cares in this episode, he does… even if he acts like he doesn’t.
  • I hope IrineĀ Adler gets a show. They mentioned her at the end and Watson yelled at Sherlock to text her back because they like each other… Oh my gosh, if Sherlock ends, can we PLEASE have an Irine Adler show? Wouldn’t that be awesome?! We should start a petition.
  • Ms Hudson broke out the feels in this episode. She cares so much for Watson and Sherlock… I loved her in this episode, she was funny, and adorable! But when Mary’s video started playing for Watson, she put her foot down and kicked everyone out. Ms. Hudson knows what’s up. I love her! The part where she locked Sherlock in the trunk of her car was really unexpected, but funny XD
  • Why is there always a car ready to go outside? I mean that’s just so weird XD Mycroft can be like, there’s a car ready and boom there is one. This happens so much in this show it makes me laugh.
  • I’m glad Sherlock and Watson are back as semi-friends. What a relief. I say semi-friends because Watson is probably still recovering from everything that’s happened…
  • Now.
  • That.
  • Ending.
  • WHAT WAS THAT ENDING PEOPLE? How could they end it like that? I had a feeling the woman Watson used to cheat on Mary with was going to be someone important but… Sherlock’s sister? That was insane! I NEVER saw that coming, it blew me away and made me gasp and I CANNOT wait to see what will happen next. Sherlock has a sister. And she seems scary.

Spoiler Filled Re-cap:

  • John goes to a therapist and all the while he’s seeing Mary (even though she’s dead). Mr. Smith wants to confess to a bunch of people in his room that he did something terrible. So he gives them an IV filled with this drug that makes them forget what just happened. He tells them that he wants to kill someone, so his daughter tries to write down all she remembers before she forgets. This letter ends up in Sherlock’s hands as his new case. The person who gives him that letter is Mr. Smiths daughter (who turns out to be Sherlock’s sister), and she’s harming herself so Sherlock decides he wants to spend the day with her. They go out and eat some chips, he stops her from killing herself and she vanishes shortly after. Sherlock finds out that Mr. Smith’s secret is that he’s an actual serial killer who murders people in his hospital and Sherlock ends up getting himself put in that hospital by attacking Mr. Smith. When he’s admitted to the hospital, John comes in to say goodbye and leaves his caneĀ behind. Mycroft (or the police guy who’s name I don’t know) leaves a guard outside Sherlock’s door to keep people out. Buuuuut that doesn’t stop Mr. Smith from sneaking in through a hidden door, drugging Sherlock and trying to suffocate him.
  • While this is happening Watson is at Sherlock’s apartment and they find a video Sherlock left behind where Mary tells him to save Watson. She says that Watson needs to be the hero of this episode (pretty much) because it will help him feel better. That’s how Sherlock can save him. So Watson, being the hero he is, drives to the hospital and breaks down the door to find Mr. Smith and Sherlock in the room. Mr. Smith thinks there’s no evidence because he took all the bugs out of Sherlock’s coat, but Sherlock put one in Watson’s cane giving them evidence they need. But the microphone might not have picked up everything and Mr. Smith doesn’t know that so he confesses to everything.
  • In the very end of the episode, Watson is back at his therapist. She lets something slip that makes him wonder how she knows that. She says that Sherlock’s secret brother isn’t a brother, but a SISTER. She then aims a gun at Watson and shoots. There’s the ending. What a cliffhanger. Wow.

Did you watch Sherlock last night? What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Sherlock Season 4 Episode 2 Review – THAT ENDING THO

  1. THIS EPISODE!! It was sooo good, I was in shock at the ending, even more than in the last episode. I secretly think that Euros knew/knows Moriarty and now takes over his role as a villain. I would love that! I hope that also means that there will be some clarity about whether Moriarty is dead or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesssss me too! Sherlock mentioned that he thought she was in a relationship that recently ended. He could be talking about John or he could be talking about Moriarty! I was freaking out, I’m still freaking out. I don’t want to wait a week to see the next episodešŸ˜¢


      1. Me neither! I just want to wrap myself in a blanket until it’s Sunday, so I can know everything.
        I missed that relationship part, but if that is true, than I think it might be Moriarty. I’m so excited I JUST NEED TO KNOW


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