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Emerald City (I’m A ScaredCrow) Review



OMG did you watch Emerald City last night? It was a 2 hour long premiere.

When I first saw the trailer for Emerald City on tv, I thought it looked kind of lame. Something about the trailer made it look cheesy and low quality. But I decided to give it a chance because that’s what I try to do with tv shows (XD) AND it was a Wizard of Oz retelling from the looks of it. I also saw Yahoo Tv’s Twitter call it Game of Thrones like (but they didn’t really enjoy Emerald City).

So going off from what I saw on the trailer, I was kind of shocked at how dark the tv show really was. When I think about the Wizard of Oz I think back to the movie because I haven’t read the books so when I watched the show, some of the things I saw kind of shocked me. It’s a lot darker, which I guess makes sense, because it’s on at a later time. The darker theme really does make it seem like a more tame Game of Thrones, maybe later in the season it will get a higher rating and Emerald City will become a full-fledged Wizard of Oz/Game of Thrones show. If you’re suspecting a light-hearted kiddy tv show, Emerald City is not that show.

From the very beginning we’re thrown into a very choppy story. Things happen fast and there isn’t much time to react to what happens because it either goes to commercials, or quickly turns to another characters story. That’s the one thing that I really didn’t like about Emerald City. It kept moving around without giving what happened much depth, or much of a reaction. But it is the first episode so I think in future episodes it will slow down a bit because this one seemed to be setting the overall mood and creating several main characters stories. I might rewatch this episode again because I have a feeling that I’d like it better the second time around since it was so skippy.

I liked the characters, honestly, they were all so different. The witches were my favorite because ~magic~. There was ONE thing that bothered me though about the main character Dorothy. She’s a cool girl, I did like her character, but she questioned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She doesn’t ask why the scarecrow guy has a sword. Why people don’t know what a car is. Does she know she’s not in her world anymore? I wouldn’t know because she never mentions it (well she does say, ‘I’m not in Kansas anymore’).

The world Dorothy finds herself in is SUPER cool looking. The places they film at are so beautiful they really fit the magic of where she is. I liked the effects of the place, there were quite a few unique things too. I’m not sure if it’s in the book though đŸ˜®

Overall, I liked Emerald City a lot. I thought it was skippy but first episodes are always a bit iffy. I think Emerald City has a lot of potential to be a really good show.


Spoiler Filled Summary đŸ™‚

Dorothy isn’t in Kansas anymore, she’s in a different world and she ended up killing a witch in the first few minutes of the episode. She comes across a tribe that banishes her because she killed the witch but the witch ends up coming back to life (because only witches can kill witches) but ends up dead once again because Dorothy manipulated her into shooting herself. While Dorothy is leaving the tribe’s land, she finds the supposed scarecrow of the story, a man she names Lucas. He doesn’t have a brain because he’s wounded and he doesn’t tell her, so he ends up half dead making her seek out a healer. She finds a healer who keeps a boy locked behind a door. Eventually the shady healer ends up brutally killed (over killed more like it) by Lucas. Dorothy, Tip, his friend Jack and Lucas all escape. In the very end it is revealed that Tip is a girl.



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