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The Dreamer (Dream On!) Review


A fight. That is the common denominator in all of Matt Schwartz’s life-changing events. There are ones he’ll never remember and there are those he’ll never forget. As he pursues his dream, he finds out that the most important ones don’t involve his fists but the people he cares about the most.

But what is his dream? Is it fighting in a cage? Is it pursuing the love of his life? Or is it escaping the reality of being abandoned by parents he never knew? All he knows is he has to find out and he’ll do whatever it takes to find happiness.

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I received this book from the author for a review! (Thank you!) You can find it on Amazon here

From the very beginning there was something that I liked about The Dreamer. I think that it sets itself apart from other books because I tend to not read contemporary books, so reading this one was a breath of fresh air. Also, there was something that I liked about the writing. I thought it was simple but there was beauty in its simplicity. Like I said, a breath of fresh air.

One of my favorite things about The Dreamer was that it focuses on family relationships, not just relationships with a significant other. Matt loved his brother Danny from the very beginning, their relationship grew and developed over time. I could feel their relationship, I appreciated Matt’s love for his younger brother, it’s a relateable feeling since I’m an older sibling. So Matt’s relationship with his brother did feel real and I really enjoyed reading how these brothers learned from one another and how they knew what the other was up to. So if you’re looking for a good book that has one focus on families, this is a great one for you.

Matt, himself, is a very enjoyable character too. Throughout the story you begin to love him and feel his passions. I found myself very nervous for him when he went out to fight, I was so SO nervous. He’s a main character that you can root for, that you can feel for. It’s also another great positive about The Dreamer, the feelings are established.

The only thing reason why I didn’t give it five stars, was more of a personal opinion. I thought there were A LOT of fight scenes, having so many kind of took me away from the story itself. However these scenes were well written and, like I mentioned above, they made you feel nervous for the main character.




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