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Book Blogging On FIRE!


Hello, yes, there have been so many negative discussions in the book blogging community lately (especially on the platform known as the ‘Twitter” *shudders*) Basically I’m here today to just change the conversation and to try to bring us all together once again. Now I’m not saying that these conversations are not important SOME of them are. But come on, it’s the holidays, it’s almost 2017!

And I have come to the darkest of realizations that we book bloggers are living a meme life.

You remember that time when EVERYONE loved a popular book. They raved about it, they gave it five glowing raidiating stars. Yeah, I remember that too. Good times. Good, good times. EXCEPT when you go to read it, you just can’t get into it. They hype was a raging storm of awesomeones and you can’t seem to ride on the waves. You don’t understand why it’s so popular, well there you are. Forever Alone (much like me)


BUT WAIT if you’re forever alone and I’m forever alone…then we’re forever alone TOGETHER! *throws confetti*







Yeah you didn’t like that popular book but the whole reason why you read it in the first place was because you joined a reading challenge and you needed SOME decent sounding books. You accepted the challenge of reading more books than normal despite time constraints and maybe having a lot of plans. You believe you can do it (and I believe in you too :D)


However, in order to read all the books you need to get them somewhere (from the library maybe?) Ok, cool, yeah. You decide to go to the library to find a book or two. Just one or two, as we all say to ourselves. Yes, the two books that have been on your TBR. Then you walk by the shelves and stop, slowly walk back. There, RIGHT THERE is the most recently released book you’ve been absolutly DYING to read. Okay, cool, maybe you’ll take three.

Oh but LOOK there’s another one.

Okay, calm down, “I only need one'”

But your inner conciousness says, “take them all.”

And you do (maybe).


So mayyyyybeeee you left the library with more books than planned. But that’s okay, indulge, go crazy! You go home and you start reading and this time it’s a book you really REALLY love. Oh my gosh you haven’t read a book like this in a long while, you are literally blown away. That was a masterpiece. You log on to Twitter to talk about it and you find out that someone else is reading it! They’re talking about their favorite character, it just so happens to be a character that dies. Oh. My. Gosh. Stay calm, STAY CALM.

You make this face, trying to keep yourself together…



So then you try to talk to your family about these books but they wont read them. You ask them Y U NO READ THESE BOOKS?


At the end of the day though, you love what you do. You love your family and your friends, its fine.


In all honesty though we do live our lives as a meme (and that’s probably why they’re so popular xD). I know sometimes it’s hard to be a blogger but in the end, if you love what your doing, then it’s all worth it!


4 thoughts on “Book Blogging On FIRE!

  1. haha! This is basically my life! I’m like, “Oh I’ll just go pick up my holds from the library.” 15 books later, “OH YEAH I’M TOTALLY GONNA BINGE READ THESE.” *sits on Twitter* LOL


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