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Mockingbird #1: I Can Explain Review! – Perfection?!?!


5/5 stars

I first heard of Mockingbird in the Marvel: Future Fight game (which is awesome by the way). I saw her character in the game, and always wondered where she came from, and who she was. Angelina and I went to the library one day and I saw her comic there, previously I had NO IDEA that she had one so we picked it up, and I read it.

To say that Mockingbird blew me away would be an understatement.  Mockingbird was AMAZING, she is currently joining Silk and Ms.Marvel as my favorite comic books.

  • I am a HUGE art critic, I will not read a comic book unless I like the art, with Silk and Ms.Marvel as an exception because I love their characters, I don’t like the art as much… sadly. Anyways, I will put a comic down if I don’t like the art… luckily, I didn’t have that problem with Mockingbird. The art was beautiful, and colored so nicely. I quickly feel in love with it.
  • From this first comic, I can easily tell you that I adore Mockingbird. Her personality was so much fun, I loved her sass, her strength, her ability to speak her mind. She is such a strong character that somewhat reminds me of Iron Man, somewhat. She is a bit arrogant I think, but she cares for people and she really wants to see a change in the superhero world.
  • Mockingbird #1 really brought to light some of the issues in the Marvel universe. As a kid, she always wanted to be a superhero, she tried everything (even letting herself get spider bites O_O) but nothing worked. One day, she realized that all the superheros she looked up to had one thing in common, they were all men. This is so true, when we watch Marvel movies or talk about the most popular Marvel characters, so many of the heroes, up until now, are men. We are finally getting some female heroes to take the spotlight, and hopefully we will see more in the movies with them in the future.
  • Her story was also really interesting. From the first page, I had to know what was going on. Why where there zombies? What is happening to her? I loved the appearances of other Marvel characters like Miles Morales (I have to read his comic!) and Howard the Duck.

Overall, Mockingbird was fantastic! I can’t wait to read the next book and see where she goes :). I definitely recommend this one to Marvel fans, especially fans who love and want more female superheroes.



2 thoughts on “Mockingbird #1: I Can Explain Review! – Perfection?!?!

  1. Nice review! I wasn’t aware of this new character & I’m a fan of Ms. Marvel & really just more female superheroes in general. Mockingbird sounds interesting & like my type of character (sassy & outspoken) & if the artwork inside is anything like that cover then I’m sold! Thank you, I will def be picking this one up this weekend *excited face*


    1. Thank you :D! I heard about Mockingbird from the Marvel Future Fight app but I didn’t know much about her. The series was canceled from what I read, so it’s just two printed collections sadly 😦
      If you like female superheroes and Ms.Marvel, I’m certain you’d love Mockingbird too :). She was definitely sassy and I adored that about her.
      And yes, the artwork is as beautiful inside as it is outside XD, it has to have one of my favorite art styles in any comic I’ve read (which to be fair, I haven’t read many yet).
      I hope you enjoy it 😀 Let me know what you think of it when you’re done? I’m so excited ahhhh :D!
      PS: Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment ^_^


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