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Three Reasons I’m Excited for Horizon Zero Dawn


There’s a lot of reasons I’m excited for Horizon Zero Dawn. The game looks fantastic, the story sounds interesting, and I just cannot wait to play it! I decided to write a post on all the reasons I’m excited for this game but my words don’t do it justice.

I recommend looking up more on the game 🙂 it sounds SO good, so definitely check it out. But to start, here are three reasons I’m excited for Horizon Zero Dawn.

1. A Playable Female Main character?! – Aloy



BEHOLD! A female, playable main character not from a popular franchise. GASP, how often does this happen? Not often enough.

Aloy looks like she will be one heck of a main character. She shoots down mechanical monsters with an awesome bow and arrow. Her costume isn’t over-sexiualized which happens way to often, her costume is actually practical and comfy looking :). Aloy is strong, she’s an outcast and I love her already.

She also looks a lot like Ygritte from Game of Thrones!

2. SUPER cool monsters


One thing that has caught my interest since I first heard of Horizon Zero Dawn? The mechanical creatures. The world looks as if it were set in the stone age, when in fact it takes place in a sort of dystopian looking future world? At least that’s what it looks like. Now, I think this is a really unique and cool idea, I like how the characters appear to be from the stone age but the trailer, and monsters, reveal to us that truth. It’s a bit futuristic, and COOL!

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3.Interesting story

Know, I don’t know too much about the story yet, but I have been looking for a summery. I can’t really find one other than we will play as Aloy, and explore a futuristic planet (earth maybe?!) with our tribe. Aloy explores the old world that has been abandoned by humans to try and figure out what happened in the past and hopefully figure out who she is.

So what do you think? Are you excited for this game? Do you think the wait will be worth it?

(I do)

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