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Shadowhunters (TV Show) Season 1 Discussion







*Ahem* now that that’s over, let’s talk about Shadowhunters season 1!

First of all, please keep in mind I haven’t read the books 🙂 I’ve ONLY watched the show.


  • At first I thought the acting was pretty bad, the actors just didn’t seem to be making me feel how I was supposed to feel. But the more I watched of Shadowhunters the more I got used to their acting. Plus, first seasons can be pretty shaky with acting (in my opinion). I thought season 1 of The 100 didn’t have the best acting but BOY OH BOY did it get good (if you gave up on that show please watch season 2, it’s ah-mazing, Pretty intense though).
  • When it came to the story I already knew about a few things because one a person in my class absolutely LOVED Shadowhunters. She’d talk about it in my class. Also, I was spoiled on Twitter so that’s always fun. (Please PLEASE warn people in the beginning of tweets about spoilers. Or maybe DM people spoilers if they want to know what happens. BETTER YET DON’T POST SPOILERS. I’m so SICK of being spoiled.) Anyways..because of that not everything was as shocking as it might have been. But the ending where Jace leaves with his father, I was blown away. Seriously, WHY DO YOU END IT LIKE THAT?
  • OH MY GOSH AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE IDEA OF THE Parabatai? It’s super cool, I wish I thought of it! I love the idea of being connected with someone so that when they die a part of you dies (sounds more morbid than I thought it would be xD). I don’t know, it’s just so cool.
  • Uh and also…why do so many shows have incest? Well I can only come up with two shows that I’ve seen where the brother loves the sister. Why does that have to happen? I think I heard that they’re not really related but…but WHY was that needed? Why not just write that out? I’m not a big fan of that, especially when it’s twins. Since I’m a twin it’s even weirder, I love my sister but not like that.


  • Clary, usually I don’t like main characters. Clary’s okay. I LOVE her powers, the ability to bring drawings in an out of a picture is super cool. I feel like she’s kind of more realistic because she doesn’t just go with what’s thrown at her. She asks questions, she panics, like a normal person. I really don’t have a lot to say about her, honestly…I’m jealous of her artistic abilities!
  • Alec, I like him, but sometimes he frustrates me. HE CAN BE SO DIFFICULT! OH MY GOSH ALEC just go with it. STAAAAAAAHHHHHPPPPP ITTTTTTTTTT. *Ahem* anyways I love how he has arrows (awesomeness). I already knew that Alec was gay (I’m not sure if he’s gay or bisexual because I haven’t read the books) but it broke my heart that he wouldn’t admit it/accept it. I thought he’d be perfect with Jace but I do like Alec and Magnus more. Magnus seems to be a perfect compliment to Alec 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love how he was not so subtly trying to tell Alec that he liked him. He’s such a funny, dramatic(?) guy. Overall I think he’s okay (isn’t he a popular character or something) I don’t get it…Although once he confessed his feelings for Magnus I liked him a lot better. He seemed to be a lot happier, lighter almost. I liked the Alec in the last two episodes a lot more.
He’s such a positive guy!
  • Jace…I liked Jace, I really do. He’s probably one of my more favorite characters. He’s got pretty eyes♥He’ll do anything for Clary, which is a good thing AND a bad thing. Sometimes it seems like he’ll do ANYTHING to help out Clary even if it’s a bad thing…He’s a tough guy, has a cool glowing sword and seems like a good friend (most of the time). I think it’s funny how he tries to be cool all the time. Like in the beginning when he told Clary he doesn’t have any feelings…yeah riiiiiighhhht tough guy. You don’t feel anything *that was sarcasm* The only thing that annoys me is how he fights with Simon. I LIKE SIMON. STOP FIGHTING. And in the last two episodes, where he started to go crazy, I really REALLY disliked him. Seriously…
  • Simon YAYYYYYY. I like Simon. He’s the funny best friend who was perfect with Clary. I love how he’s dependable and kind and he cares about Clary’s safety more than anything (it seems). I wish Clary was there for him more in season 1, I wished she could have helped him with what he was going through. Simon would do anything for her but sometimes I feel like Clary doesn’t return that thought. I think the guy who acts as him does a GREAT job when he turns into a vampire. I could feel all his emotions, he BROKE MY HEART INTO THOUSANDS OF PIECES. I feel like from that moment forward, his relationship with Clary will never be the same.


  • Isabelle, well I don’t have many thoughts about her. I feel like she wasn’t that big of a character in the season. I thought she was okay, overall. I like how she trusts people who aren’t Shadowhunters, I like how she accepts them. I wish more of the characters respected her, especially her mother. And I love her relationship with Alec, they seem to have a good family bond.
  • Magnus, I don’t have a lot of thoughts on him either. I do like his relationship with Alec 🙂



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