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Final Fantasy XV Review – Day One, It’s Been Ten Years Coming…



😀 lovely so far.

It’s finally here, the game my sister and I have been waiting to release for ten years, all the way back from middle school. Boy, oh boy, does time fly. My hopes were high from the very first trailer, back when it was originally called Final Fantasy XIII-Versus, when it was going to be part of the Final Fantasy XIII series. I’m kind of glad that they moved XV away from XIII because that game seemed to lose its direction.

However, from what I’ve seen of Final Fantasy XV, it seems to be heading in a promising direction. Now, please keep in mind I’m only on chapter two but I have done quite a few side missions. So here are my thoughts.

It took 30 minutes for XV to install on my PS4, that’s the longest install time I’ve seen on a disc game. I was sad that I’d have to wait another 30 minutes on top of 10 years, but I guess it wasn’t going to make much of a difference at that point. The nice thing about the installing is that they let you play an ‘Open Combat’ mode which lets you fight waves of enemies. Most of the enemies I fought were the same though, I’m not sure if they change over time. But it does help those 30 minutes go by much, much faster.

Another thing I noticed right from the start was that there was a LOT of settings. You can change the usual graphics, sound, language. You can also change the battle mode to ‘wait mode’ where, if you make Noctis stand still, the game freezes allowing you to see the enemies and plan your next move. There’s a small bar at the bottom that lets you know how much time is left. I actually really like this mode, I think that it will be helpful with certain battles, though I haven’t tried using it in the actual game yet.


When comparing XV to the demo that came out with Type-0 I noticed more changes too. Noctis’ voice sounds wayyyyy better. I think his voice in the demo was too deep and didn’t have enough emotion in it. I like it a lot better now! Also, they added magic AND you can now lock on to enemies (thank goodness).

Ok, now on to the actual game!

My picture is a little bit blurry, thanks to moving characters, but the graphics were so beautiful in the opening scene. I could feel the tears coming, I mean it’s been 10 years. Look at it♥


From the very beginning you can see the relationships between the characters. You can feel their friendship by their playful teasing and jokes. I love how all of the characters has their own personalities, weapon choice, and skill. Prompto can take pictures, Ignis can cook, Noctis fishes, Gladiolus survives. It’s nice to see multiple characters work together, instead of having the main character do everything.

Also, THIS SONG. Can we take a moment to reflect on how PERFECT this song is for the game, which seems to focus a lot on the friendship between the main characters (so far). When this song first popped up in the beginning, I began to tear up. It’s perfect.

Speaking of that, the characters interact with one another. If you swing your sword at Prompto, he will jump out of the way and say something like, ‘watch where you’re going.’ The characters help each other up when they fall in battle, the wind blows through their hair as you drive the car, so it’s really fun to see how the world interacts with them as well. There’s also combo moves where you and another one of your friends hit a monster and you can make your friends use special moves on monsters. It’s super cool!

There are also moments in the story where you can pick what you want to say. Sometimes what you say impacts who gets EXP and how much they get. I haven’t gotten further into the story so I’m not sure if what you say changes the story, or does anything other than give characters EXP. 15235578_1200286593395521_8000708961522995724_o

Now onto the side quests…

We’ve spent most of our time playing side quests at this point, and generally have been exploring the map. There are a ton of different side quests ranging from monster hunting to collecting ingredients… The side quests have different results, for example I fed a cat and received 600xp in return… what a nice kitty :’D

The Monsters…

So cool thing, the MONSTERS. We haven’t encountered too many out of this world creatures yet, but apparently the game is covered with them. You can summon them 😀 not sure how or when since we aren’t there yet… But I ALWAYS give Final Fantasy credit for crafting cool creatures and awesome, fantasy stories.


This picture is blurry which bums me out BUT that monster behind Noctis scared me because I didn’t want to die but oh my gosh, look at how BEAUTIFUL it is. I want to fly it around, I want to pet it O_O I want to summon it…

Now here we are, I guess we can’t joke about it anymore. It’s finally out… The game we’ve been waiting the last ten years for, has finally found itself in the world 🙂


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Review – Day One, It’s Been Ten Years Coming…

    1. I loved the story of 13!!! It’s been a while since I played 13, but from what I remember the combat was more turn based (where you fight, then the bad guy fights). With 15, the action is more open, where you can choose if you want to fight and when you fight, it isn’t turn based. The combat is like most games are now (if that makes sense?). It took me a little while to get used to the controls though… but once you’re used to it, it’s really nice. I think they really improved the combat from the demos :D! It’s nice!!!!!!

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