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Helix Review – So Much ACTION! So Many Thrills!


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, this does not affect my review at all!

When I was approached by the author to read his book Helix, I was actually really excited. And for the most part, I did LOVE Helix, allow me to explain :D!

NOTE:  I only read Helix: Episode One. The book is broken into episodes, I didn’t read them all!

~Summary from

A spy hunter. A rogue operative. A secret war …

To most, Olesya was an ordinary girl from post-Soviet Russia. But to the covert agency that recruited her she was something much more. The agency is a collector of genetic anomalies; forging gifted children into their most deadly weapon: black operatives.

Seven years later, Olesya leads a team of hunters on a dangerous assignment. Her targets are black operatives: elusive, genetically enhanced, and unstoppable. From the bio-clinics of Brazil to the icy borderlands of Kaliningrad, from the catacombs of Lithuania to the citadel of occupied Prague, Olesya is at the heart of a war against a powerful, malevolent organization that wants total control.

But as operatives and hunters start to vanish, Olesya discovers they aren’t the only players in this deadly game …

Helix is an action-packed technothriller series by Australian recon soldier-turned-author Nathan M. Farrugia; perfect for fans of Dark Angel and Jason Bourne.


What I Liked

Helix is one of the most diverse books I’ve ever read! There were characters from a TON of different countries and backgrounds which made things interesting. Oleysia was from Russia, she spoke Russian and English and I thought that was SUPER cool.

I really liked the writing in Helix, but I’m a huge fan of multiple POV, third person :). I’m going to note here, that it did take me a bit to get into the story, but once that was over, I read the rest very quickly. I’m also going to note that I don’t read many books like Helix, so I’m not used to the genre. Helix is gripping and fast paced, it’s FULL of action and suspense and thrills. The author did a really good job writing action scenes that helps the reader visualize what’s happening better.


What I Didn’t Like

Again, I did have a bit of a hard time getting into Helix and I think there’s two reasons why.

1.The story jumped from the future to the past and changed points of view. For whatever reason, this totally confused me and I’m typically good at getting changing POVs even if they jump from the past to the future and so on. Once I adjusted my reading pace and read a bit slower, I did end up understanding what was going on, it just takes a bit to adjust to the rotating POVs at first.

2.The beginning, to me, was a bit slow. BUT I do think this was because the author had to set up the world and story a bit more before diving deeper into the plot. Again, I did end up liking Helix, I just had to read a bit more because Helix did pick up pace especially near the end.




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