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Doctor Strange (Was Strange Indeed) Review

Doctor Strange was one of my most anticipated movies of the year, right next to Star Wars Rouge One and Captain America Civil War. I was so excited to see the movie that I, maybe, got my hopes up a bit too much. But allow me to explain.

One thing Doctor Strange did really well was make you fell bad for Stephen Strange, hate him and then like him all over again. There were times where I felt so bad for the things that happened to him and then he’d be a jerk and I’d hate him. Then he’d be all sad and I was sad for him. My opinions of him kept swaying back and forth for the good first half to the movie. By the end I loved him. Talk about character development. (I also REALLY REALLY want to cosplay as him right now xD).

Actually all the characters were great. I found myself liking all of them for different reasons (except the bad guy, I just couldn’t bring myself to like him all that much). I LOVED Mordo he seemed like he would be a great friend for Stephen Strange. I also liked the Ancient One she seemed really cool, I wish she had more of a story though. I would have loved to know more about her!

Another thing I liked about Doctor Strange was the visual effects.

Doctor Strange has to be one of the most magical movies I had seen all year. Actually, it’s probably one of the most magical movies I have ever seen done live action style in my life. Everything about the Mystic Arts/magic was beautiful and I loved how it looked.


Just look at that, isn’t it beautiful. ♥

As for the actual plot of Doctor Strange…well the beginning was really hard for me to watch.

*mini spoilers highlight this if you want to read it* there’s a lot of surgery and while they don’t show you what they’re doing you see blood and it made me really uncomfortable. And Stephen Strange gets into a car accident, it’s intense, the surgery and the aftermath is hard to watch. I almost couldn’t watch what was happening. *end mini spoilers.*

Another thing about the beginning, was that it was kind of dizzying to watch. I think the mystic arts took a little while to get used to. But once you got used to it, it was pretty awesome.

The whole theater was in laughs throughout the whole movie. One thing I LOVE about Marvel is that they’re not afraid to lighten the mood by throwing in a joke or two. I didn’t find them as funny as everyone else, but there were some parts where I was laughing along with the crowd.

Overall I loved the characters of Doctor Strange. I loved the mystic arts/magic/visual effects. I thought the story was okay, there were just some parts that were hard to watch. I think that this might be a movie you have to see more than once to take in everything and to really enjoy.



4 thoughts on “Doctor Strange (Was Strange Indeed) Review

  1. There are so many Marvel movies that I admit I’m not really following them anymore. But this has been on my “Eh maybe” list in the back of my mind, despite the fact I have literally zero idea what the plot is supposed to be about. Or who Doctor Strange is. Or, well, anything. You get the gist. However, your review has helped and I’m more interested in it now! I might still wait for a DVD release, but I do think I’d like to watch this one.


  2. I loved this one! It was one of my most anticipated movies of the year and I wasn’t disappointed.

    For me, it was refreshing to see a story where intellect is more important than just physical strength. I enjoy movies were the hero has to outwit someone than just kick their ass (though that can be great too :P).

    Strange’s character development was reminiscent of the first Iron Man for me. You take this not so likeable character and watch him grow into a likeable (or in Tony’s case, perhaps a slightly more respectable man).

    And the visually effects! Superb!


  3. I’m going to watch this tonight so I’m anticipating some light-hearted jokes and a dense plot! I tend to find most Marvel movies too easygoing which is why I wasn’t a big fan of the Avengers. However, I really enjoyed Captain America and Antman so we’ll see!


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