2016 YA Book Blogger Awards!


Yayyyy! The Book Blogger Awards are back!

Last year’s awards were really fun so I’m glad to bring it back this year with a few improvements.



Now let’s get to it!


  1. All nominated blogs must deal with MOSTLY Young Adult books. HOWEVER, the blogs you nominate can deal with non YA books, but the majority of the blog should be dedicated towards YA🙂
  2. When the winners are announced, YOU WILL NOT BE RUDE. I’m sorry if you really wanted to win but hey, next year ok? Please don’t bash or say anything negative towards winners. This is a positive thing to celebrate bloggers, NO DRAMA FREE ZONE PEOPLE. I will not tolerate that ok?
  3. Have fun, please don’t vote more than once (I don’t think you can but I’m not 100% sure) just don’t spam over and over please. Vote fairly🙂
  4. If you do vote multiple times for the same people, I will only count your first time voting. But if you want to vote for more people that is fine, just let me know🙂
  5. Because I can’t afford gifts for the winners, I will be making a badge for each winner in each category🙂 I know it’s not much, but I promise it will be cute!
  6. Please vote using the bloggers blog name, because it’s hard for me to find a blogger by their personal name. So please use the blog name (like for example Fable’s Library, not Brianna and Angelina).


(If you have troubles, please let me know!)


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