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World of Final Fantasy Review~


What would you get if the Playstation had Pokemon? You’d probably get World of Final Fantasy. In the World of Final Fantasy you collect mirages to fight bad guys. The mirages are basically Pokemon that you can evolve (transfigure), this makes your mirages bigger and tougher. It also allows you to ride your mirage (depending on the mirage D:) AND you can always switch back and forth between transfigured mirages and non-transfigured ones if that makes sense.


You can have a chocochick transfigure to a chocobo and change it back to a chocochick (and vise-versa) when ever you want. It’s super nice 🙂

If we’re going to talk about more similarities, World of Final Fantasy also seems like Kingdom Hearts in some ways. One of the main characters, Lann looks like a Kingdom Hearts main character (kind of like Roxas). Also, the doors look a lot like keyblades and they’re adding Sora to the game for free (in December?). I can’t WAIT to add Sora to the team!

Another nice thing about World of Final Fantasy is the art.

Get ’em Yuna!

The characters in World of Final Fantasy are also super cute. They’re voices and seriousness sometimes don’t match their cute exterior. Take, for example, this adorably mad Yuna. She wants none of your sass.

Another cute thing is the puzzles, they’re cute and interesting 🙂

As for the story I thought the World of Final Fantasy turned out better than I thought it was going to be. I originally didn’t want to play it because it looked like a ‘boring kid game,’ well it is a ‘kid game’ but it’s not really boring. Sure the game can be a bit repetitive but it’s a lighthearted change compared to other, darker games. I like that change, the cuteness and colors make the World of Final Fantasy different, which is great. The colors are super bright and vivid creating a nice mood to the game.

Me too Warrior of Light, me too…

One weird thing is that you can change your characters to be chibi versions of themselves, or Jiants (normal looking versions of the characters). Both allow you to stack mirages on your head to give you more HP, powers and abilities. While this is cute, I don’t see why you need your characters to be chibi if it makes them weaker(?). I don’t get why or when you would need them to be that way. It doesn’t make sense to me. Brianna and I have played most of the game so far as Jiants, you’re a bit stronger that way in our opinion. But we aren’t DONE with the game yet, so maybe things will change as our Mirages evolve and grow.

She doesn’t get it either…

You can also summon familiar Final Fantasy faces to help you out in battle. Using Amulets you can summon characters like the Warrior of Light to attack the enemy for one turn, then he poofs away.

Despite my love for this super cute game, I do have a few complaints. One being to combat. It’s kind of turn based, where you fight, then the monsters fight. But there’s this weird time where you have to wait for your characters to go. You can speed up this process by holding down a button (R1)  but there’s still this semi-long wait time. It’s kind of weird and makes me wonder why the didn’t just get rid of the wait time and make it quicker (if that makes sense).

Another complaint I have is the difficulty. I feel like the game is a bit challenging. If you don’t take the time to level up your little monsters/mirages then the game is so much harder (which is typical BUT it seems harder in World of Final Fantasy). It also takes FOREVER to level up your mirages which makes it even more time consuming.

My final complaint about World of Final Fantasy is that it’s not very open world. You can travel to any dungeon any time you want but you can’t wander everywhere. Your limited to the map and nothing more, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of exploring (so far anyways).

I also wish there were more save spots but you know how some Final Fantasy games can be. Sometimes it feels like FOREVER before you can save.

Overall World of Final Fantasy is fun and definitely cute. Some things seem familiar, especially when it comes to Pokemon. I don’t know how much fun it would be to replay the game…



2 thoughts on “World of Final Fantasy Review~

  1. Oh I’ve been so interested about this game, Final Fantasy is such a good series (though I couldn’t stand 13). I’m currently playing FF Tactics on the gameboy 😛 So oldschool but awesome. I may have to pick World of Final Fantasy up after.


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