Halloween Themed Top Ten Tuesday #58


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, you can find them here!

1.Extra Dark Chocolate~The Young Elites

Sadly I STILL HAVE YET TO FINISH THIS SERIES BUUUUUUT I could really see Adelina eating a chocolate bar. I could see her eating an extra dark chocolate bar because she’s a dark antihero.

2. Chocolate Cake~Throne of Glass

From my knowledge (Brianna) Aelin likes cake. Chocolate cake…I don’t know! I haven’t read it!

3. Reese’s M&M things~Roseblood

For some reason I could imagine Thorn and Rune eating these…I don’t know it just comes to mind xD

4. Crunch Bar~Rocks Fall Everyone Dies

This book was such a wild ride kind of like how Crunch Bars are.

5. Apple~A Study In Charlotte

I could see Charlotte eating an apple just because she’s smart and she’s different. She’d probably do it to annoy Jamie too….

6. Ghirardelli  Chocolate~The Thousandth Floor

I LOVED The Thousandth Floor and I LOVE Ghirardelli chocolate, simple as that. They’d have swimming pools full of this chocolate because they are rich and because they can.

What candy do you think certain characters would enjoy?

Also, have a great Halloween 🙂

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