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The Things We Hear at the Library (The Tales of the Twins at the Library)

The Library is a magical place filled with mystery and adventure (literally 😀 bud dum dum!), a place where a pair of specific twins embark on a journey into other worlds… Okay maybe not really, but you get the idea right XD? Angelina and I go to the library a LOOOOOT, almost daily, at least weekly. We visit the place so much almost all the librarians know us by name, they even have our library card number memorized XD, how COOL is that?

We visit the library so often that sometimes we hear things… strange things… Well, we meet interesting people at least, that is for SURE. Here is a story from deep inside the library DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!

Story #1- Intimidation

Once upon a time, a few months ago, Angelina and I wandered into the library, and as soon as the door opened we were approached.

“You guys look a lot alike, I can’t tell you apart.”

I for one thought Angelina knew him and she thought that I knew him, NEITHER of us knew this random guy. He just asked what our names were and said we looked a lot alike. So Angelina and I just continued on after talking with him for a few minutes and went to the Teen section of the library. Later on, the guy came back and asked us to read his article and we were like meh, sure why not.

His article was all about how he was intimidating XD. He told us he went to jail for a long time and he could scare anyone. He was actually nice though 🙂


Story #2- Twins? Say wut?

This is a shorter story :P. Angelina and I tend to hold the door open for people when they walk into the library, and as we were leaving, we held open the door for this guy. We started talking and he thanked us for holding the door open for him. He asked us if we were twins and he thought that was cool. He was very nice and told us to have a good day :D. Nice guy!

Story #3- That’ll Last You a Day…

Angelina and I tend to check out like 50 books from the library every time we visit XD. It is a bit of a curse but we read almost all of them before they have to go back. We were in the check out line and this guy walked by and he said, “you guys must like reading.” So Angelina and I of course shook our heads yes and told him OF COURSE we liked reading. He replied with, “Those books’ll last you a day.”

Have you had any conversations at the library that you’ll never forget?


8 thoughts on “The Things We Hear at the Library (The Tales of the Twins at the Library)

  1. This is such a cute idea. I love it! But I haven’t really been approached at the library before. Except that one time when someone was like “Wanna give me your number?” He also asked if I was a guy or girl before asking… -_-


    1. Thank you 😀 we have had some pretty interesting conversations at the library. Especially that one
      intimidating” guy O_O”
      Ahhhh, that is always annoying 😐 like no, please go away person I don’t know. *hides*
      Thanks for stopping by XD


  2. I love this post. After books and tote bags, weird stories are the third most popular currency among librarians. My current favorite interaction was with one of my teen volunteers who saw me with my hair down for the first time (because it’s finally cool!) and he said “Wow, your hair looks nice today.” Only to follow up five seconds later with, “It’s like you finally styled it.” Kids these days!


  3. Aw, this is so fun! I think the last one is especially funny because like, NO, you hate books and are taking all the books out to glare at them 😉 And I won’t lie, that first dude gives me the creeps! Our library is usually painfully abandoned, and I usually bring my kids to the children’s part (and then I browse the YA section, as you do) and I have only seen other humans there MAYBE three times tops, which is sad. So I don’t have any experiences, only that no one else is ever there 😂 Love this!!


    1. Right haha, I’m the worlds best glarer at books XD! GRRR BOOKS *shakes fist* My library hosts a lot of children’s events, so they’re usually busy with more children than anything else. Other than that, it’s a ghost library outside of the computer area. The first guy was a bit creepy, but he seemed to have good intentions I guess??? Maybe :)? Thank you for stopping by!


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