Favorite Villains~ Top Ten Tuesday #56

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! 🙂

October is upon us, my friends. It is time to talk about our favorite villains. YES those characters because it is Halloween. Our plan is brilliant, BRILLIANT! Now PULL THE LEVER…


Sorry, I was having too much fun with that xD I think we’re more of a hero fan but anyways here’s a list of our ten favorite villains.

1. The Disney Descendants


They’re probably my favorite villains of all time. *Kind of spoilers?* They start off bad but become good and I like that they change over time. *End of Kind of Spoilers*

On another note I’ve watched the Disney Descendants movie like 10 times already but I still haven’t seen the first ten minutes xD. It’s one of my favorite Disney moves and musical movies, I could sing along to their songs all day. Plus I’m SUPER excited for movie #2, I can’t wait to see what new characters they add.

2. Jackson(?)


I’m ONLY ON SEASON TWO but Jackson is on my list. He’s technically not a villain in my eyes but he’s such a jerk and a butt xD I like him though, you know a character is written well when you really dislike them. Jackson is one of those guys, plus I really like his story in season two…

3. Moriarty


Moriarty isn’t my FAVORITE villain, he’s just well written and super smart. I like how he challenges Sherlock. I also can’t WAIT until the next season, I wish it were out already.

4. The Night King


Technically Brianna and I just started season four but we watched season five of Game of Thrones before we started from the beginning. There was a season five marathon on all day up until the first episode of season six. We started watching it, not really sure if we’d like Game of Thrones, after we watched it all day we realized we kind of had to watch it from the beginning. We also ended up playing the Game of Thrones Telltale game which also inspired our love of the TV show. The Night King seems like a super evil villain, with super threatening power. How can you fight someone who can raise the dead back to life (well…there are a few solutions) but COME ON, it’s so EPIC.

5. The Mountain Men, Thelonious, Murphy, All of the Parents/Adults…


Brianna and I still haven’t seen season THREE BUT there are a ton of good villains on The 100.

The Mountain Men made season two my favorite season of the 100. They were SO BAD, they had a reason for being bad sure, but ohhhhhh I screamed out loud almost every single episode. They made everything so SO hard for all the main characters, TONS of tough decisions were made. Season two will most likely be my favorite season because it had me on the edge of my seat.

Thelonious is so annoying and maybe I lied. We saw a few episodes of season three but we never got to finishing it (yet). He’s so bad and so annoying. I really used to like his character, it’s so amazing to see how much he (and all of the characters) have changed.

Murphy, another great character that has changed over time. I actually really hated him in the beginning, he was a violent jerk. By the end of season two and the beginning of season three I started feeling really REALLY bad for him. He had a terrible childhood and I really liked him and that girl (from season three, I don’t remember her name). He doesn’t have a good life and he keeps messing up, I feel bad for him.

All of the main character parents/adults. Technically they’re not REALLY villains, they have good intentions, but they ALWAYS mess things up. Especially in the beginning when they came to earth and they wanted to fight the Grounders and everyone went with it (pretty much). I mean SERIOUSLY? JUST LISTEN TO THE KIDS FOR ONCE, they’ve been on Earth for longer. You’d think they’d listen to what their kids have to say, they know what’s up on Earth.

Writing this made me realize I HAVE to watch season three now…



This is more of Brianna’s favorite villain. Loki he’s evil but he doesn’t seem to be evil evil if you know what I mean. He wants the throne/world/something but he doesn’t seem to take it seriously. He is the god of Mischief and I think in the movies it shows very well.

7. Kylo Ren


I loved Kylo Ren in Star Wars the Force Awakens. He was super cool (to me xD) and pretty dang evil. I really hope he turns to the light, I want him to be a hero REALLY REALLY BAD T.T I thought there was a moment where he was so close…oh well…

I also like Matt, he’s a good guy xD

8. Black Panther and Spider Man


Since we’re on team Captain America the Black Panther and Spider-Man are on our villain list. Technically they aren’t evil but still, we like them.

The Black Panther was so cool, he was a great fighter and has an awesome costume. I’m not sure what else to say about him because it’s been a while since I last watched Civil War. But I can’t wait for his own movie, it will be cool, that’s for sure!

And yes, we LOVE the new Spider-Man. No, you CAN’T sway our opinion. I can’t wait for his movie too!

Now that our list is over, who are your favorite villains? Why do you like them? Are there any characters on our list that are on yours as well? How’s the weather over there? I’d love to know what you think of our list 🙂


12 thoughts on “Favorite Villains~ Top Ten Tuesday #56

  1. I LOVE your comment on Kylo Ren. Matt was a pretty good guy! I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars, but I did enjoy Force Awakens. And the Undercover Boss sketch from SNL was just TOO good!


    1. Why, thank you :D! Matt was a great guy, he was definitely not Kylo… oh… wait… XD That sketch was too good. I watch Undercover Boss frequently, so the Star Wars version was just… hilarious XD Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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