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How to Start A Book Blog~P2. Social Media, Giveaways


Yay! I love Goodreads, it’s such a great place for people who LOVE books. Goodreads has pretty much EVERY single book ever made categorized in genres. You can find any book you want and get links to purchase the book from retailers. You can add books to your ‘currently reading’ list and update it to keep track of your progress. You can add books you’ve read and over time, Goodreads gives you recommendations based on the books you’ve been reading. This website has EVERYTHING book related including author interviews (where people can ask them questions!), giveaways, groups, quotes, trivia, quizzes, places you can write. Pretty much ANYTHING that has to do with words, they have.

Want to know one of my favorite things about Goodreads?

Their reading challenge! You can add all the books you read throughout the year and set a goal for yourself. It keeps track of how many books you are ahead, or behind, of your goal. I LOVE it. In order for books to count towards your goal, you MUST set the day you started and finished the book.

Now I mentioned that you could review on Goodreads too! You can. I know some people who don’t have their own website, they just use Goodreads which is fine and cool. You just click on the book you want to review and scroll down to the ‘edit review’ button under the ‘my review’ tab under the synopsis (that was a lot of unders xD) It’s a GREAT place to connect with other readers and get your opinion out there.

You know what else is good for getting your blog out there…?

Social Media!

One of the BEST ways to get your blog out there is Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Brianna and I really didn’t want to get a Twitter account because we were already signed up for a ton of other websites. But once we joined we gained a lot of friends and followers pretty quickly. The bookish community on Twitter can be really supportive and helpful, don’t be afraid to ask them for help. There’s also TONS of awesome Twitter giveaways too, so keep an eye out for them. Another thing about Twitter, some people tag authors in their negative reviews. I wouldn’t do that, you can have your opinions, but when authors read negative reviews it brings them down, and it just makes you look bad.

A few people on Twitter use Tweetdeck to keep track of everything that’s happening. It’s free to use and allows you to schedule tweets (which is super nice).

Instagram seems to be a rising form for promoting your blog. A lot of publishers, from what I’ve seen, have been seeking out people to post pictures of their ARCs to help promote their books. We posted a topic a while ago asking people for their opinions. Quite a few Bookstagramers take themed pictures of their books, meaning they stick to a color scheme or layout. Others don’t have a theme at all. There’s also Bookstagram Monthly Challenges you can join to keep you active all month. There are some pretty great pictures out there.

Bloglovin’  Is one of my other favorite places to go. It’s another way to follow all of your favorite blogs and read their posts. I highly recommend signing up there.

Of course all the other social media help like Facebook, Google+ but these three are the top three we use to promote our blog.


These things are SUPER helpful for views and are fun to do.

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every Tuesday they have a new theme where you create a list of 10 things that go with the theme.

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine every Wednesday you can post a book you’re super excited for.

There are a lot more but these are the two we tend to do the most often. I think it’s important to not just do these, if that makes sense. It’s important to create your own content! Also if your going to comment on someones post, it’s important to not just type, ‘nice post, here’s mine.’ The comment is appreciated but a more thought out comment would be nice 🙂


Giveaways are super nice but definitely not needed. Don’t feel like you HAVE to give anything away, you don’t. They’re great for getting more followers though! A lot of people do giveaways on Twitter by setting an end date and having you retweet their tweet. Some people post giveaways on their blogs were you have to do things like follow them through email, tweet that your entering, comment below things like that.

When I host giveaways I do it on Twitter or I use Rafflecopter, it’s free to use and pretty simple too.


If you want help with reviews, requesting arcs (and arcs in general) or need help with book blogging words, check out part one!


8 thoughts on “How to Start A Book Blog~P2. Social Media, Giveaways

  1. I resisted on Twitter for a long time but I’m glad I caved in. It’s definitely been a lot of fun participating in chats and the like.

    I highly recommend Tweetdeck! It’s great for following chats and scheduling tweets.


    1. I think as long as you have a book, people will enter 🙂 pre-order giveaways and arc giveaways tend to be more popular as well as the giveaways that lets the winner pick the book they want (from what I’ve seen)! I hope that helps ^^


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