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The Memory Book Review (Is It Okay To Cry Now?)


They tell me that my memory will never be the same, that I’ll start forgetting things. At first just a little, and then a lot. So I’m writing to remember.

Sammie was always a girl with a plan: graduate at the top of her class and get out of her small town as soon as humanly possible. Nothing will stand in her way–not even a rare genetic disorder the doctors say will slowly start to steal her memories and then her health. What she needs is a new plan.

So the Memory Book is born: Sammie’s notes to her future self, a document of moments great and small. It’s where she’ll record every perfect detail of her first date with longtime crush, Stuart–a brilliant young writer who is home for the summer. And where she’ll admit how much she’s missed her childhood best friend, Cooper, and even take some of the blame for the fight that ended their friendship.

Through a mix of heartfelt journal entries, mementos, and guest posts from friends and family, readers will fall in love with Sammie, a brave and remarkable girl who learns to live and love life fully, even though it’s not the life she planned. -Goodreads

The Memory Book wasn’t a book I’d typically read, not because it didn’t sound interesting, but because sad contemporary doesn’t appeal to me. Why? Because I don’t want to cry, and cry…I did.

What I Liked

  • The Memory Book is written like a journal, kind of. The main character Sammie writes down what happens on her computer so she can look back and remember what happened. Usually I don’t enjoy that kind of format but in this case, it made the story even more personal. I don’t think it could have been told anyother way and still remained as impactful as it was. You could tell her thoughts, feel her emotions and remember the moments with her. You could see her pain written down when things got bad and they did get bad. It was a great way to write such a sad novel.
  • Sammie is the main character of The Memory Book and she has Niemann-Pick Type C or NPC. I had NEVER heard of this before, I didn’t even know it existed to be honest. But in the book she thinks she’s going to start forgetting things which is why she keeps her journal. She’s a strong character who doesn’t let anything get in her way, not even NPC. She LOVES debate (which gets super intense), wants to go to college in New York and is competitive. I really liked her, a lot.
  • Sammie isn’t the only well written character, every other character is good too. They all have memories together, moments and flaws. No one is perfect which is a nice change. I LOVED THEM ALL OKAY!

What I Didn’t Like

  • The tears.


  • The Memory Book blew me out of the water with it’s personal writing. The characters were lovable and flawed. Everything about it was great!




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