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Books for Trade – Discussion (Not Adding Fuel to the Fire, I Just Have an Idea)

So there’s been a LOT of talk on twitter (especially yesterday) about books for trade turning into something bad. Now, it is important to note that, the whole entire time I knew about the booksfortrade hashtag, it’s been mostly ARCs and impossible wishlists, so I don’t know about the time where you used to be able to trade for book, published/finished copies, not ARCs.

Now that that “important” fact is over, here’s the deal.

I think books for trade should be for JUST finished copies, not ARCs. There is an ARC for trade hashtag, if you are trading ARCs, or looking for ARCs, could you start using #ARCSfortrade? It is VERY frustrating for some people like me to go to #booksfortrade with the intention of trading finished copies only to see people in search of 2017 ARCs, some of which aren’t even a thing yet. It’s also frustrating because 2016 isn’t even over, so those of us who don’t get ARCs all that often suffer because we can’t find anyone who wants finished copies.

You are allowed to search for ARCs, even if they are our there in the future, that is your right. I’m just asking that maybe you could move your search over to thee #arcsfortrade and take it off of #booksfortrade so bloggers like me don’t feel weird O_O”

Now that my idea is over, I think I should point some things out about #booksfortrade

1.You are free to dream – just be fair.

I say this because, it is a bit ridiculous to try and trade common finished copies for that one 2018 ARC that no one has yet >_> Dream, but dream fairly…. Nuff said.

2.Don’t back out on a trade – unless you have a good reason.

It isn’t fair to someone if you promise to trade with them, then back out for a “better” offer. Keep your promises! If you have to back out, make sure it’s for a good reason. These reasons can be things like something came up and you can’t afford shipping. In my opinion, you shouldn’t back out because someone offered you a different book that wasn’t on your wishlist D: but I guess you’re free to do whatever.

3.It is ok to be picky >_> (but see #1)

Because it is. If you have an ARC, chances are you earned it! You earned enough recognition and trust from a publisher to get that ARC (or you went to a book convention :O) you are allowed to be picky. Just refer back to 1 and you’re all good 😀

4. It is also ok to just give your finished copies/ARCs to a buddy!

Because you don’t always have to trade! Angelina and I do this all the time, especially lately. ARCs are a tool for bloggers, you read them and review them. We try to pass on our ARCs to other bloggers so that they have the chance to read and review ARCs, because that is the WHOLE point!


Especially if you loved it 🙂

6. Don’t request/ pick up ARCs just to trade them -_-

That is NOT the point. ARCs, as I said, are tools to help get the early word out so that people who liked the book can happily flail with others and shove the books in the directions of others.

I think that’s all I really have to say. My main point of this discussion is to ask people to be fair. If you’re trading arcs, could you use #arcsfortrade and if you want to trade finished copies, use #booksfortrade :). Please? I will love you forever!

I tend to like to close discussions with a question O_O” but I don’t know what to ask. How are you today?


6 thoughts on “Books for Trade – Discussion (Not Adding Fuel to the Fire, I Just Have an Idea)

  1. I totally agree with you on this! If there were two hashtags it would be so much easier. Because I’m a newer blogger who doesn’t recieve arcs and it’s hard to find people who will trade for finished copies.


    1. It would make things more organized 🙂 which would be nice! I have been blogging for two and a half years, I rarely get accepted for print ARCs, so trading is difficult. The majority of the ARCs I do have I either got from giveaways or friends. I just received one of my first ARCs yesterday! Which was really exciting. So for new bloggers, and slow growing blogs like mine, it is so difficult to find a trade on the hashtag. 😦 sadly. You’ll get there one day :D! I am still getting there XD

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  2. Today I was a little tired, but then I ate some ice cream and now I’m better 🙂

    But seriously though, the solution is as simple as what you propose. I have only once traded books and we traded finished copies. I hadn’t liked the book Teardrop by Lauren Kate, so I wanted to give it away to someone who wanted the chance to read it. I traded it for The Body Electric, by Beth Revis, and we were both very happy.


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