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No Mans Sky, Oh My Gosh

When I first heard about No Mans Sky, I thought it was going to be so stupid, a game without a story, a game without a goal sounded pointless. There was NO way I was going to play this game, nothing could convince me.

Well…that is nothing could convince me until I found an article that said it would take 5 billion years to explore the full game. I mean FIVE BILLION? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME, RIGHT? RIGHT?

I guess if that’s true, we’ll never really find out unless we discover immortality. Just look at the map

no mans sky5

All of those dots are contain a cluster of planets, each one has at least one planet/moon to explore. Each planet also has its own climate, they have storms as well as different levels of plants and animals. This is only a portion of the map too, there’s a LOT more planets than this! For me that’s super exciting. Look at all the potential and exploration for goodness sake. I have to admit, when I first opened up the map I geeked out, A LOT. It’s so cool.

Once you get to the big map above, you can select which galaxy you want to enter. Some you can get to right away, others you have to upgrade some equipment in order to get there. I still need to upgrade mine 😦

You do have to be careful what you mine and how much you mine. Why? Because Sentinels watch what you do, if you take too much they will warn you. If you keep doing it, they will attack you. Every planet has a different protection level when it comes to the Sentinels. Some have extremely hostile Sentinels, while others have none at all.

no mans sky3.jpg
Is he giving me a hug?

But once you arrive you can name the galaxy anything you want. Once you land on any of the planets/moons you can name them too. In fact you can name pretty much everything you find on the planets. Animals, plants and stations you find yourself on.

Other than naming everything wittily (Red Planet, Snickers, Meatball, a few of our planet names), you can collect minerals. Minerals can help you upgrade your spacesuit, weapon/mining tool, and space ship (if you chose not to buy a new one). You can find stations with living aliens or abandoned ones which are covered in creepy, strange looking plants that look like they want to eat you. Another thing you can find are crashed ships, ruins and knowledge stones (which I will get too later). You can find monoliths which give you mini tests that rewards or punish you for your answer. They can also improve your standing with the alien race that inhabits the galaxy you’re currently in.

no mans sky1.jpg
I’m tight with this alien race, we’re friends. Plus they’re cute xD

Monoliths are these strange, tall looking buildings that you can interact with. They give you a short paragraph that lets you then chose an option. The option can help you or hurt you. Monoliths also help form your relationship with the alien species present in the galaxy. Word stones can be found around the planet and close to Monoliths as well. They’re helpful because they let you learn more of the alien’s language. So when you meet them you can understand what they’re asking you to do, which lets your standing improve and sometimes even get rewards in return.

no mans sky6

You do have to be careful with what you collect and keep on your ship. Why? Space pirates can see what you have, and if you have something good, they will attack. If they kill you first, they loot your ship. If you win and take them out (instead of running away/hiding) you can loot their ship (from what I remember.) So do be careful if you don’t want conflict.

If you do save up your money you can buy a new, prettier ship. These ships have more storage (soooo helpful) more armor, weapons, things like that. I’m saving up my money to get one really nice one xD still saving…they can be so expensive (cue the tears)

Oh, and beware of plants. I innocently went up to one and it kicked my face basically. Needless to say, I’ve never left a planet so quickly. Plants can hurt you, I wish I knew that before I got freaked out :(. If they are moving, run. Also, I read something about colors? Watch the colors of plants to see if they’re poisonous.

Everytime you scan an animal it gives you some information about it, it’s temperment, geder and so on. Watch the temperments, it’s really important if you don’t want to die. I was attacked by an animal and died 😦 not fun. If you are being attcked, you will see a red circle with a paw print kind of symbol on your screen.

Now why do I love No Man’s Sky? Because you don’t have to do anything at all. You don’t have to fight or kill ANYTHING (unless a Sentinel attacks you or you find a vicious plant/animal (which I tend to avoid at all costs)). It’s pretty, has great music and amazing art. Plus, I love just flying a space ship and taking in the unique beauty of each planet/galaxy.

Have you been playing No Mans Sky? What do you think?


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