Game of Thrones Book Tag!

Oh. My. Gosh. I don’t think I mentioned this before BUT I won a Twitter Giveaway that Yahoo was doing for a prize pack of Game of Thrones stuff. It’s coming in the mail and I’m super excited to FINALLY CATCH UP. Sadly, I’m only on Season 3, episode 4…but I have seen Season 5 of Game of Thrones AND have been spoiled for Season 6. So…technically I’m caught up to speed but not really?


Anyways…Brianna and I decided to create a book tag in celebration, here we go.

1. Cersei Lannister~ A book that took you by surprise

cersei lannister

I think, in the beginning you expect different things out of a woman like Cersei Lannister. I mean, most ladies during this time are depicted as pretty little princesses who need a strong man to come save them. Cersei knows how to use this idea to her advantage, she gets what she wants. It’s surprising and definitely different.

and i darken coverthe thousandth floor

Angelina: For me it was And I Darken by Kiersten White. Why? Because usually I don’t read historical fiction, it’s something that has never appealed to me. That and most of the historical fiction books I read, I could never really get in to. I finally caved in and decived to read And I Darken for a few reasons. 1. I kept reading great reviews! 2. The cover is so SO pretty. How could I NOT own a book with that cover. 3. I saw someone compare it to Game of Thrones (how fitting with this book tag!) I read it and *spoilers* I LOVED it.

You can read my review here.

Brianna: The book that totally shocked me, was The Thousandth Floor. I went in expecting something totally different, and instead I got this masterpiece. The Thousandth Floor is one of my favorite books from this year! From the prologue to the ending, this book was filled with twists and beautiful writing. My review isn’t up yet, but trust me, you NEED to read this book. So good. I can’t stop obsessing.

2. Tyrion Lannister~ A quotable book

tyrion lannister

I’ve only read part of the first book in Game of Thrones but I loved what I had time to read. One of the most memorable quotes for me came from Tyrion Lannister~

When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.


Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.

These stuck with me a lot. Usually I forget quotes in books but these were POWERFUL. Tyrion is awesome.

a game of thronescrown of midnight throne of glass 2

Angelina: I’m going to cheat and put Game of Thrones on here. This year has been a terrible year for me when it comes to books. I’ve taken SEVERAL blogging breaks and the majority of the books I read were just okay. The books I’ve read, that I thought were good, weren’t really quotable. No book, (other than the Bible since I’m Christian) that I can think of, has moved me so much as A Game of Thrones has. It gave me chills when I read it.

Brianna: I mean obviously I can’t do a book tag without mentioning Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Crown of Midnight is my favorite so far and I haven’t read Queen of Shadows yet. Crown of Midnight was REALLY dramatic and heart breaking, I loved it! Sarah J. Maas is a fantastic author, she writes some pretty words ❤ I have a LOT of favorite quotes from this one, so many. Too many. ASDFGHJKL.

“The rest of the world quieted into nothing. In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realised she was home.”

“But death was her curse and her gift, and death had been her good friend these long, long years.”

I could keep going but then we’d be here for years XD You can read my review here.


3. Ramsay~ A book that creeps you out

ramsay bo

I have to admit, Ramsay seems SO nice in the beginning…then he ends up well…you know if you watch the show. The actor really does seem nice though, it’s quite a difference.

the call

Brianna: Angelina couldn’t think of one but The Call was terrifying :/ it was just disturbing and *shudders*

4. Jon Snow and Ygritte~ Your favorite couple

jon and ygritte

Ah, Jon Snow, my other favorite character xD he’s so SO good, believes that there is good in people (in my opinion) AND he’s the lovable underdog. I LOVE HIM T.T I think a lot of people feel this way…

Oh, but we aren’t here to talk about JUST Jon, I guess, we’re here to talk about him AND Ygritte. Brianna and I just got to the part where they fell in love, they’re adorable together. So of course we had to include them in favorite OTP.

rose society

Angelina: The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2) by Marie Lu comes to mind. Well…so does the Raven Boys and A Study in Charlotte BUUUTTTT I wanted to talk about The Rose Society. More so, Maggiano and Adelina. I think they’re great together (though I did love her and Enzo once upon a time…)

Brianna: I can’t think of one right now D:


5. Sansa Stark~ A character that DESERVES a happy ending

sansa stark

I think I heard, somewhere, that a lot of people don’t like Sansa? Why? I’m not quite sure. The poor girl has been through A LOT of terribly made relationships. Does anyone have a worse love life (and maybe family life?) than HER? Nope. Not that I know of. I just want Sansa and all of the Starks (well, every good character out there like Jon and Sandor and EVERYONE) to have a happy ending!

the raven boys maggie stiefvaterthrone of glass

Angelina: NO NO NO DON’T TELL ME HOW IT ENDS! I still haven’t finished The Raven King. I just want Gansey and all the other characters to have happy endings. Please just let me live my fantasy a bit longer T.T

Brianna: After all she has been through from book one to Heir of Fire (haven’t read Queen of Shadows) Celaena DESERVES a happy ending :/ She’s been through so much, changed so much. I just hope she ends up happy D”: You can read my Throne of Glass review here.


6. Robb Stark♥~ A character you LOVE ~(♥_♥)/\(♥-♥)~


Oh…Robb Stark…YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD GUY. You try, you fight, you have a strange connection with your direwolf. You were even Prince Charming in that Cinderella movie (it took me a while to realize that xD). You are a good character and a good king…well…you know…

water for elephantsthe thousandth floor

Angelina: I haven’t read this book in YEARS but the first character that came to mind was Jacob in Water for Elephants. I never really read adult books, but one day I tried borrowed the libraries nook and saw Water for Elephants on there. I saw it was going to be a movie, so out of curiosity I clicked on the book.  Almost instantly I was carried away with the story and fell in love. It was a refreshing book that I needed. Jacob was a character that gave me hope, let me see the light and shattered my heart a few thousand times.

Brianna: Eris from The Thousandth Floor… I REALLY loved her character,  she was my favorite person from the book! Eris goes through a lot, she changes A LOT. She is a wonderful character, so I can’t wait for you all to read the book and LOVE it :).

7. Sandor Clegane~ A book with a character who breaks the rules

sandor clegane

I. Love. Sandor Clegane. Why? He’s so sassy, he’s tragic, tough but sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk(?). Anyways, he’s great AND a rule breaker (as of Season 3…T.T)

and i darken coverTruthwitchbySusanDennard

Angelina: Okay, okay. I know I already put this one on here but you can still check out my review if you want xD Like I said for Cersei, Lada is a girl who breaks the expectations. Cersei uses it and Lada kind of does too (but she doesn’t go as far?) Lada kind of lets people assume she’s weak and then BOOM she unleashes her animal side. Radu breaks the rules too. He’s not like the ‘typical’ strong guy. Radu just wants a break (I think xD).

Brianna: pretty much all the characters from Truthwitch break all the rules XD. They were a great cast of characters, just rule breakers who make their own rules :). You can read more about them in my review XD.


8. White Walkers (because why not?)~ A book that takes place during winter

white walker picture

Boy does he look mad. Do the White Walkers EVER smile? Maybe they’re so mad because they’re cold all the time. Do they need some good old flaming Dragonglass or Valyrian steel to make them feel better? Yes? Yes! In honor of these sad, cold guys and gals we’re going to name some books that take place in winter. That, or a book that takes place in a very cold climate. Hmmmmm…..

snow like asheswinter

Angelina: I could NOT get in to this book. BUT Snow Like Ashes is kind of set in winter? I mean, the characters are from the Kingdom of Winter so that counts. Right?

Brianna: I can’t find a book that takes place in winter…. so WINTER by Marissa Meyer counts, right? RIGHT?


9. Kick-butt Daenerys Targaryen~ A book with a strong lead


Daenerys is definitely Brianna’s favorite character, I like her too. Why? She came from the bottom and is working her way to the top. She could have gave up years ago but no. NO! Instead she will reclaim what is rightfully hers. Or will she?


Angelina: I decided to go with a strong main character who doesn’t really fit the idea that comes to mind. I mean, Dumplin’ doesn’t fight with swords, she doesn’t kick bad guys butts. Instead she learns to love her for who she is. She’s strong in a different more important sense (I think).

Brianna: Kady from Illuminae, she is one tough cookie. She is a fighter, a warrior, a smartie. Kady went through so much, I wont say what exactly because the book is full of turns and twists and drama. She was awesome @_@ the book was awesome. What are you doing? Go read Illuminae! I loved this book so much I could barely review it.

10. Last, but not least, George R.R. Martin

george r r martin

Ah yes. George R.R. Martin, the author and creator of Game of Thrones. The person who puts us through so many feels. Do I really need to elaborate on this point any more? He’s created something full of foreshadowing, quotable lines, lovable characters and amazing worlds that I just want to explore more.

Angelina: I usually say James Dashner for these kinds of questions. His book The Maze Runner got me in to reading. For this question, however, I’m going to change it up. I’m going to say Brandon Sanderson *gasp* I know. Brandon Sanderson, author of Mistborn and Steelheart. I love his writing and am in AWE of his world building. I hope that one day I can create worlds like he does. Worlds that have their own magic system, laws, culture and stories. Worlds that seem so real.

Brianna: Sarah J. Maas! But since I ALWAYS say Sarah J. Maas, I’ll pick someone else just like Angelina did :D. I LOVE Kimberly Karalius and Mary Weber, they are two other authors I really adore. Kimberly Karalius is the author of Love Fortunes and Other Disasters, a very adorable cute SWOON worth book (published by Swoon Reads) that I recommend! Mary Weber is the author of Storm Siren, a fantastic fantasy trilogy about a girl who can summons storms. SO GOOD! Both authors are very wonderful :).


Since this IS a book tag, I tag


*Nikki and Amy

*I don’t know anyone who blogs and like Game of Thrones O_O”

*Anyone else who wants to join :).


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    1. Thank you 😀 It’s the first tag we ever made. I’m glad you love it ♥ it’s so crazy intense at times O_O… And I Darken was really good, I really liked it Leda and Radu were great characters :). YAY FOR AND I DARKEN 😀 thanks for stopping by!


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