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Throne of Glass: A Note to the Fandom And Some Awesome Merchandise

I love Throne of Glass, with all of my heart. Sarah J. Maas is my favorite author, she’s a talented writer who can craft these beautiful and fearsome worlds that last at least 700 pages (someone hold me, that’s so long!). Her Throne of Glass books are very popular, that doesn’t come as a surprise (they’re wonderful) 🙂

The fans in the TOG (Throne of Glass) fandom are very passionate and that is ok! Well, it is ok to a point. Let me tell you a story, and please don’t get mad at me…

Someone close to me REALLY wants to read Throne of Glass because she heard about the books… but she also knows about the fandom. She doesn’t want to read the books because the fandom is always at war. She doesn’t want people to get mad at her for having a different opinion, we all know how often that happens in the Throne of Glass community.

That’s what I mean by your passion is ok to a point. Honestly, I don’t care who you ship, or who you love. Chaol, Dorian, Celaena, Nehemia, Rowan, they are all fiction, and honestly, I LOVE THEM ALL. I don’t care who you ship, I’m not going to apologize for that. You CAN be passionate about this, these characters and her world, but don’t attack people for disagreeing. I’m so incredibly sad that people want to read Sarah J. Maas’ wonderful books but they’re worried about the constant fandom wars.

Guys, you can be friends and disagree XD that IS a possibility. Let’s try our best not to scare people away with our fighting, let’s welcome them into Maas’s wonderful world :)? Also, I know not all of the fandom is like this 🙂 there are good people out there~

And now, on to the good (or part of the good):

MERCHANDISE! (the title links to the store so you can buy them!) All credit goes to the wonderful artists whose stuff you can buy by clicking the titles!

Cute Magnetic Bookmarks


Look at these cute little people ❤ I want to hug them and never let go, they’re so so so cute!

Pretty Bookmarks


Look at how beautiful these are 🙂 such pretty colors and lovely quotes XD

Christie Nelson’s AMAZING art


How is it legal to have art this beautiful? She has soooo many amazing artworks that I want them all ❤ (she also does ACOTAR art!)

 Rattle the Stars Pillow

rattle the stars pillow


More Charlie Bowater Art


So. Beautiful @_@ ❤

Survivor of Maas Destruction

art 3

 Because Sarah J. Maas is the QUEEN of breaking my heart D’:

Throne of Glass Phone Case


Boom! This phone case is just sooooo beautiful!

SO! Remember, the titles take you to the store so you can buy the mentioned items :). I didn’t make them, all credits go to the wonderful artists.

Let’s try to make the fandom more positive? End the ship wars please :D?

2 thoughts on “Throne of Glass: A Note to the Fandom And Some Awesome Merchandise

    1. Oh my gosh, I hope you enjoy it! Throne of Glass is my favorite series 🙂 the first book wasn’t the best but it gets a lot better afterwords. The idea is so unique and well written! The fan art is always fantastic 😀 how do they do it? IT’S SO COOL!!! Thanks for stopping by 😀

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