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Star Trek Beyond~Review

It’s here, it’s finally here. Star Trek Beyond is now in theaters, we can laugh and cry together my friends! LAUGH AND CRY! Why? Because Star Trek Beyond is great, perhaps even better than the first two movies.

What I Liked

  • From the beginning, Star Trek Beyond is a ride, it doesn’t start with its usual action buuuuuuttttt it does have a bit of humor.
  • One of my favorite parts of Star Trek Beyond was seeing other characters take on a larger role. Sulu, Uhura and Doctor Bones (my personal favorite!) all have their own part of the story. Their relationships change with the other characters and form something new and interesting. Bones has to deal with Spock, Sulu and Uhura have to work together. I loved seeing them play a bigger role 🙂
  • The best thing about the Star Trek movie is the humor. It makes the movie so much better because they break intense action with a bit of comic relief. Bones is hilarious as usual with his negative attitude I love. You know a movie is good when it makes the movie theater burst into laughter for a few minutes than die down once the action begins. Star Trek Beyond was engrossing!
  • Like I said in earlier reviews, Star Trek keeps upping the threat level of its bad guys. While this new one doesn’t seem as threatening as Khan, he’s still a pretty big problem. They have to put up a REAL fight to take this guy down and it costs them, tremendously.
  • Rarely does it happen, but while watching Star Trek Beyond, I forgot I was watching a movie. It was weird, halfway through I blinked and realized I was in a movie theater. That’s how swept away I was!
  • The new character Jaylah is so cool, I like her a lot 🙂 plus I ship her with a certain character *whistles innocently*
  • THE FINAL BATTLE WAS SO EPIC, OH MY GOSH. I have to say it was one of the BEST battle scenes I have ever seen. Seriously, the music just killed it. The mood was so tense and it looked so beautiful, it was so well done. I’d love to see the movie again, not just for the humor, but for that battle. Honestly, it was amazing.

What I Didn’t Like

  • There was only one problem I had with Star Trek Beyond, the villain… He was kind of hard to understand, sometimes I had NO idea what the heck he was saying. Not only that, but his motives seemed kind of random and out there. I’m not sure if that’s just me, but I was a bit confused, it might have helped if I could understand him, it would have been nice if they had subtitles or made his voice clearer… Part of why his motives might have seemed weird to me might be because I couldn’t understand him. Well, that’s just another reason to see it again 😀


  • I’m glad I saw Star Trek. It was constantly funny, had an amazing final battle and let some minor characters take on a bigger role. GO SEE IT!




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