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Star Trek (2009) Review

In preparation for tonight’s Star Trek Beyond release, I decided to re-watch the first two movies and review them, because why not?

I think it’s probably important to note that I haven’t see the TV show. I’ve seen parts here and there but I think my opinion of the movies might be different than a huge fan of the show. I just started to watch the movies and I love it so much, I think I might start the show soon.

What I Liked

  • It’s weird seeing actors you know playing other roles… I get it, that’s their job. But imagining Thor and Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time) as the parent’s of Kirk is really funny… side note over.
  • This Star Trek movie is kind of an origin story, at least in the beginning. We get to see Kirk’s parents, Kirk as a mischievous kid and Spock on Vulcan. It’s fun to see the characters we come to love as little kids 😀 so cute, so adorable. I want to hug them and their high pitched little voices. Is that weird? I hope not XD but little Spock was so cute, he has so much sass. I love Spock… I am a Spock fan…
  • Another thing that made the whole origin story aspect great was how the two separate character plots came together. We see Spock at his school excelling at his education and then we see him leave it all for Starfleet. We see Kirk get into a fight and accept a dare to join Starfleet. I really liked how their two separate stories came into one.
  • The actors were perfect for their characters! I looooooove these characters. I love their bickering and fighting, I love their quick disagreements. They were amusing and funny, especially Spock vs Kirk which went on pretty much since they met. They go back and forth so much, it’s hilarious.
  • The visual effects in this were amazing! I liked all the lens flair looking things, the battle lasers (laaaassserrrrs), the alien’s looked interesting, just everything. This movie really did a great job transporting you into a world filled with aliens and futuristic technology.

What I Didn’t Like

  • As much as I liked a lot about this movie, it wasn’t as good as the second one to me. This Star Trek movie starts off by throwing you into the action. From the first second the movie starts, there is fighting and explosions and confusion if you have no idea what is going on.
  • The origin part that I loved so much, ended up making the movie seem choppy because it was always jumping back and forth between Spock and Kirk as kids, as teens, slowly growing up. I just didn’t like all the back and forth between characters, it wasn’t smooth.
  • Star Trek is science fiction, I get that, but the action in this movie was non-stop. There was too much fighting, too many explosions that it ended up feeling… overused? I like it when there is some action because it means more, if that makes sense.
  • My biggest problem with this movie was the villain. He was… lame. Unlike the second movie, this villain didn’t feel threatening, and was taken out way to easily. He did some pretty bad things I will admit that, but I mean… he wasn’t Khan. Khan was a monster, this guy? He was… a caterpillar.


All in all, Star Trek was all over the place. It was a pretty good origin~ish story for Kirk and Spock and how his team was formed, but it was choppy. The villain wasn’t that bad and there was way too much action for my taste.




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