Movie Review

Ghostbusters~ #GirlPower

At first there was no way I was going to see Ghostbusters. The trailer didn’t really appeal to me and I hadn’t seen the original movie. But after I saw that some people had problems that the main characters were female, I knew I HAD to see it. Why? To support intelligent female main characters kids can look up too.

And let me tell you, if I were younger I’d look up to these girls. I’d dress up as them for Halloween instead of the typical princess or witch. I’d want to hunt ghosts and be as smart as them, I’m glad they decided to go with an all female cast.


 What I Liked

  • The main characters were amazing. I loved how smart they were, how funny they were and I loved their friendship. For once, I don’t think I could really pick a favorite character, they were all great in their own ways. Each of the main four girls had their own personalities, they were nerdy, and awkward, and weird but in a good way. They were someone a girl (or guy!) could look up too and think, “I want to be like them one day.” Plus it was actually funnier than I thought it would be.
  • Kevin (Chris Hemsworth.) He was SO HILARIOUS! Usually I never laugh in a movie but all of the characters, especially Kevin, where super funny. People thought that the movie was sexist because there wasn’t a single smart guy character, so let me just address that for a moment. I know that it’s frustrating having no role models to look up too in a movie, how do you think women have felt for years in the movie industry when all there roles are Princesses, love interests, plot devices or mothers? Just let the girls have this movie. One other thing about Ghostbusters, not all of the guy characters were unintelligent. The villain was a smart, socially awkward, lonely guy. So you can’t say that all the male characters weren’t smart.
  • I think my favorite part of the movie was the final battle. It looked SO SO cool. I think it was incredibly well done and I’d love to go back and see it again.
  • The visual effects in this movie were stunning! I don’t care what people say, I loved how the ghosts were saturated in one color, it really helped set the mood.

    What I Didn’t Like

  • One thing that made Ghostbusters less appealing to me was the plot, or lack thereof. It wasn’t an in-depth story line, but Ghostbusters is supposed to focus more on the humor, with a light-hearted focus on ghost hunting.
  • The trailer didn’t really do it justice. When I first saw the trailer for Ghostbusters I was kind of taken back. The trailer made the movie look like it was going to be really stupid, and the character posters with the quotes didn’t help. Honestly, the trailer made me not want to see the movie because it portrayed the movie as a low quality, gross, waste of time with lame jokes. The sounds in the trailer made it look weird too…


  • Ghostbusters was really good! I’m glad I went to go see it, despite what the reviews said and the trailer showed. It had an amazing cast that knew how to make me laugh. With smart main characters and light-hearted ghosts hunting, what more could you want?




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