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Mr. Robot Season #2 Ep.#1 Thoughts

Mr. ROBOT IS BAAAAACK! Time to panic, time to make some popcorn and sit on the couch with your eyes glued to the screen! Please, do not glue your eyes to the screen, that is very creepy. Instead, why not just watch the show XD?

Anywho, Mr. Robot is our favorite tv show (and if it isn’t our number one, it is UP there (but it IS our number one favorite so)). We have been counting down the days, eagerly awaiting the first episode to air! AND IT DID! So here’s our thoughts:)

NOTE: this IS a season 2 review, while we try not to spoil anything from season 1, there might be a few spoilers, although we keep it vague (or try to). Read at your own risk ^_^

  • Season 2, from what we can tell, takes place a bit after season 1. We STILL don’t know where Tyrell is, or what happened during Elliot’s three missing days, but the episode has a slow start. Eventually, it does pick up pace, mostly in part 2. More on that later.
  • Angelina and I don’t remember Leon? Who is he? How did Elliot and him become friends? Will he become important to the plot?? WE WANT TO KNOW!
  • As I said earlier, I (Brianna) found the beginning very, very slow and frankly, boring. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. Robot, and I’ve heard that season 2 starts slow and picks up pace, but this first episode was really boring to me. BUT, but but but, the second half of Mr. Robot (part 2) was insane! Part two is where things really took a turn, and we start to question who is REALLY in control… Is it Elliot or Mr. Robot?
  • Part 2 is where things got intense, this episode was a lot darker and more violent, more intense than previous Mr. Robot episodes… if we ignore the jail break scene from season 1, because that was crazy!!!! A lot of things in part 2 where very out there, we did not see them coming. IT WAS CRAZY. THE ENDING OF THIS EPISODE MADE ME MAD BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT! Darn it D:< But overall I think this season is going to be pretty darker, I saw an interview with Rami Malek (the actor of Elliot) he said things get seriously harder for Elliot o.o
  • Angelina and I are hoping Elliot gets better… we just realized, he never really had any happy moments in season 1! If we ignore Shayla… but if you’ve seen season 1, we MIGHT know how that ended up (some people didn’t think it actually happened to Shayla, because can we trust Elliot?). No spoilers… just feels. This thought is so vague it sounds weird….
  • As always, Mr. Robot is filmed beautifully! The colors and lighting really set the mood. We love Elliot’s narration, his voice, his character.
  • The characters from season 1 have changed. A LOT. I love love love Angela! She is confident and strong, and not afraid to take charge… but this episode also showed us another side of Angela. But it’s not only Angela who’s changed, it’s Elliot and Mr. Robot fighting over control, or the illusion of it… 🙂 Darlene changed too, she is sooooo edgy, she’s like the Queen of Darkness… like the leader of a dystopian YA novel. Someone write her a story please? I like Darlene.

We give this episode a 6/10



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