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Selfie Season 1

This week Brianna and I are watching our neighbors cat, while we gave her lots of love we also watched Hulu. The show we ended up watching happened to be Selfie. We kind of went into this one blindly, I just remember hearing someone in my class talk about the show, he said it was super good and said something about the ending. Three years later, here we are actually finishing the same show xD

Check out the show on IMBD 🙂

Eliza is addicted to social media, after an embarrassing incident, she realizes that all her friends start with @ symbols. So, she asks Henry to help her make friends (in real life) and change her image. Together the two of them teach each other how to live life in the moment and have fun.

I summed it up in my own words since, sadly, the summary on IMBD didn’t do this show justice. But anyways, here’s a list of why Brianna and I LOVED Selfie.

  • Let me start off by saying Selfie is a GREAT show. It’s about Eliza who starts off pretty self-centered but through the show she begins to change and become a WHOLE NEW PERSON. Henry starts off as ‘stick in the mud’ kind of guy who doesn’t know how to let loose and have fun. Throughout Selfie, he beings to change and open up to the world around him. This has to be my favorite part of the show, even though they make Eliza pretty self-centered she shows him how to experience the world we live in. I loved how the relationship was mutual and they both helped each other out. It was really touching to watch.
  • I honestly think Selfie is pretty relevant to today. Social media is everywhere, and pretty much everything. Our LIVES are basically on there (for most people, not all.) Selfie tried to show us how to tear ourselves away from technology and live life in the moment, not through the lenses of our phones. Or on screen during important moments of our lives.
  • Selfie really gave me the feels.

selfie gif

  • Eliza’s backstory makes me REALLY sad for her. (SPOILERS) I really identified with how she was bullied in school and how she felt alone. I really wanted to cry for her. NO one deserves to go through what she went through. (END SPOILERS)
    • One thing that made the show even better was the ending. No spoilers, but it’s always a good feeling when a character learns to love themself :). THE ENDING WAS FANTASTIC (BUT COME ON I NEED A SEASON 2)
  • It also made me laugh. Shows rarely do that for me but Selfie was actually kind of funny. Eliza is a super funny character 🙂
  • I know I mentioned above that Eliza and Henry were really great characters but let me say it again. The characters were great. I loved Eliza, she was hilarious, and had a reason for being the way she was. Henry was also great, I LOVED him and loved how he changed too. I ship them so, SO MUCH. I wish it wasn’t canceled because I’d love to see them grow as people, and become closer to one another. Seriously, they have to be together forever.
  • The ending really made the whole show for me. Like I said, they grew as people. They found out how to live life and have fun and love their own selves. I’m not going to spoil how it ended but I want to say, I LOVED it and I really, really need more. Can we please have a season 2?

selfie 2 gif


  • Overall, both Brianna and I think Selfie was a really good show. It’s not something we typically watch but this was a nice change and an actual comedy for us. Selfie was about living life in the moment as we really appreciated that 🙂





2 thoughts on “Selfie Season 1

  1. The reason this show was dropped was because of the lack of chemistry between the two characters. Yeah…
    I watched this show also. And it was pretty good. It was the type of show that was super relevant. And really cute. I loved it. But…yeah, it’s probably not getting a second season unless a lot of people pull together and fight back


    1. Aw man :/ but I SHIP THEM! I really ship them D’:… they’re both from science fiction stuff too, Star Trek and Doctor Whooooo, they’re perfect… ah well 😦 I’ll go cry now. But yes, WREN! We are not alone with liking this show, LET’S BAND TOGETHER TO BRING SELFIE BACK FROM THE GRAVE! XD


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