wrap up

June 2016 Wrap Up Fun!

June was really the month Brianna and I came back 🙂 we took a 2ish month break and ended up coming back. I guess once you enter the blogging world you can’t ever leave XD. Really, I think we came back because we love reading and we love the book blogging community. Plus we looked at our archives and saw all the work we put into Fable’s Library, all the hours that went into our posts….how could we ever leave that behind?

So, here we are another wrap up for another great month 🙂



Top Ten Tuesdays:


The 5’s:

We started a new post every Wendsday where we share 5 things. It could be five reasons to read/watch _____, top five favorite ____ and so on 🙂 I hope we stick with it, I really like it so far! Here’s the posts we’ve done so far:



Lists We Began (And Hope To Keep Updated):


Discussion Posts:

Other Posts:


Life Events:

  • This month Brianna and I took a big step in life, we graduated high school :), we won last minute tickets to Twenty One Pilots, bought New York Comic Con tickets and our best friend left for Japan (we miss her so much!) AND WE STARTED WATCHING TEEN WOLD SEASON 2!!!!!

What happened this month for you? Any good posts we should read? 🙂



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