Top Ten Tuesday- 10 Things We Love BESIDES Books

The Broke and Bookish host Top Ten Tuesday 🙂 go check them out here!

This weeks topic is a freebie, how fun 🙂 and since it’s a free week we decided to talk about things we love other than books. Why not change up the topic a bit? So, here are 10 things we love!

1. Music

Ah, yesh. Lovely, lovely music. It used to not play a big part in my life, then I got Spotify and some good headphones. Now I LOVE music because I can finally listen to something I enjoy whenever I want. My favorite type of music is punk/rock/alternative like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance ♥ (not sure how to describe it) and popish music like Nick Jonas and Jaymes Young 🙂 Brianna LOVES Troye Sivan and Twenty One Pilots! 🙂


2. Concerts

This kind of goes with music, but I needed 10 points so I included it 🙂 Brianna and I LOVE going to concerts, we also love entering to win trips to concerts. We’ve been to 6 total of them. Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Zedd, Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds of Summer, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The best one was Zedd because of his use of lasers and flames, the most memorable one was Fall Out Boy because we got the meet them, and the worst one was 5 Seconds of Summer (there were WAY too many screaming girls!) And there’s nothing wrong with that, we just weren’t a big fan of it.


3. Writing

I guess this KIND OF goes with books but it’s not really reading them (until we get to the dreaded editing stage!) I write more thriller/paranormal stories and Brianna tends to write urban/fantasy. It’s just fun to explore all the possibilities of a fantasy world.


4. Video Games

WE LOVE VIDEO GAMES! It all started when we were younger, our dad (shout out to you dad!) would sit with us and play video games. Mostly The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, we were chickens though and got scared when Mario or Link was close to dying. NEVER EVER kill the main character, they were precious!


5. TV Shows

More recently Brianna and I began to watch actual TV shows, only on DVD because (in our opinion) there aren’t a lot of good TV shows on actual TV. Their are tons of good ones on disc and no commercials, so yay! We recently started watching Game of Thrones Season 3 and Teen Wolf Season 2, both are A-MAZIN’. If you haven’t watched them go do it! Teen Wolf actually makes me laugh it’s really good 🙂


6. Movies AT the Movie Theater

We go to the movies a lot, strangely not as much as previous years, but we do love movies. We love the smell of popcorn, the movie trailers before and that feeling of accomplishment once everything is resolved (or not) at the end. For some reason it’s HARD to sit and watch a movie at home though. I can watch 8 hours of a TV show but not 2 hours of a movie. Maybe because TV shows last longer? We’re not the only ones, right?

7. Fable, little lovey

How could you not love this face? Fable’s so sweet and loving of everyone in my family. She’s a really good dog who’s so cute, I’m not sure how any of us function with her around 🙂



8. Family 🙂

We’ve got an amazing, supportive family. An awesome mom, dad and brother. Of course Brianna is cool too! I was lucky to be born with a best friend.



Do I need to add anything more? Pinterest is loads of fun with craft ideas AND amazing photography. It’s proof that there are some creative people out there.

10. You! 😀

YOU are something we love and appreciate every day. If it wasn’t for your support, comments and friendship, we still wouldn’t be here today. Give yourself a pat on the back.

So, what do you love that isn’t book related?

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- 10 Things We Love BESIDES Books

    1. Thank you 🙂 she is totally adorable and very sweet! It is so hard to imagine life without our furry friends, they are so sweet, and a part of the family. Thank you very much for topping by 🙂


  1. FALL OUT BOY IS ONE OF MY FAV TOO! I can’t get enough of their songs! Also, I hope you’re having an amazing time watching GoT. I just finished Season 6, and I’m having so many withdrawal symptoms! I’m also on Teen Wolf Season 2. I tried bingeing, but college started up and I’ve had no time at all.

    Love your post!


    1. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ASDFGHJKL! What is your favorite song by them? I LOVE so many of them, Disloyal Order of the Water Buffalo! Thank you 🙂 GOT is pretty addicting, not going to lie haha XD! I heard so many spoilers about season 6, its like I watched the season D:_< because he kept doing that and I'm like, we aren't even friends anymore. He was really rude and thought it was funny and I was not a fan of him 😦 Yay for Teen Wolf and BOO for life getting in the way of good tv XD Hope you get a chance to watch more :)! Thank you for stopping by!


  2. I think that was absolutely adorable! Loved it, and Fable, can’t say enough about that cutie pie! Keep up the good work yous are doing nice work.


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