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Cure for the Common Universe Review!

I was able to read this book for free from Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t change how I felt about it in any way, my review is honest!


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Sixteen-year-old Jaxon is being committed to video game rehab . . .

ten minutes after he met a girl. A living, breathing girl named Serena, who not only laughed at his jokes but actually kinda sorta seemed excited when she agreed to go out with him.

Jaxon’s first date. Ever.

In rehab, he can’t blast his way through galaxies to reach her. He can’t slash through armies to kiss her sweet lips. Instead, he has just four days to earn one million points by learning real-life skills. And he’ll do whatever it takes—lie, cheat, steal, even learn how to cross-stitch—in order to make it to his date.

If all else fails, Jaxon will have to bare his soul to the other teens in treatment, confront his mother’s absence, and maybe admit that it’s more than video games that stand in the way of a real connection.

Prepare to be cured.

You may, or may not know this, but I am a video game nerd. There. LOUD AND PROUD! I play video games often, right now, I play the Legend of Zelda too much. But hey, Wind Waker is adorable :3 That is what drew me to Cure for the Common Universe. No, not The Legend of Zelda, but my love for video games.

Jaxon, who I’m calling Miles in my review, is sent to video game rehab, which is where my review startsssss.

What I Liked

Cure for the Common Universe isn’t exactly what it seems. It IS about Video Game Rehab and a guy who reaaaaaly wants to get out of it so he can go on a date with a girl, but the Video Game Rehab part was weird. It was Video Game themed, Players earn XP and level up and play a ton of games, it sounds like a fun summer camp and I kind of want to go minus the rehab part hah….

There was a shocking plot twist. I kind of guessed it but I didn’t actually see it coming. I wont say much more than that other then, you will be shocked and kind of saddened by it, I know I was 😛

This book had sooooo many weird and funny and great characters. There was a TON of diversity. One of the characters is lesbian, one is super talkative, they come from different families and have different experiences. Miles is a jerk, I’m not putting it lightly, he IS! Buuuuut the way the author writes him, and how he gets to know each of the other people on his team is really interesting. They are interesting characters, so interesting XD

OH OH I ALMOST FORGOT! There are so many video game references in this book. It. WAS. ADORABLE HAHA XD I loved it. The humor and everything, so great ❤

What I Didn’t Like

So. This is going to sound harsh and I totally don’t mean for it to come out this way but here I go…. Cure for the Common Universe is like a lot of contemporaries. I think I’m just used to the complex plots in Science Fiction and Fantasy but there weren’t too many twists or conflicts :P. It was kind of a familiar formula for kid meets girl, kid can’t meet girl, kid makes friends. BUT it is worth your time I’d say, it WAS good.

Like I said, Cure for the Common Universe was a littttle boring. I did end up loving it but Miles made it a bit hard to like. He was a jerk, and I have a problem with reading rude characters so >__< I am glad that I finished it because it was good but still.

In a Nutshell

Cure for the Comon Universe is for both video game lovers and non video game lovers alike. It is humorous at times and heartfelt (THE FEELS) and others. It’s a contemporary that IS very enjoyable, sooooo recommended!

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7 thoughts on “Cure for the Common Universe Review!

  1. I am obsessed with Ready Player One (PLEASE tell me you’ve read that and Armada if you’re a video game freak!!!), so now any time I see any book involving video games I’m all in! I have been wanting to read this one, and I think even after reading your review I still do. 😀


    1. OH MY GOSH DON’T HATE ME D: but I haven’t read either yet XD. I keep getting distracted, but I DID start Armada and my mind was totally blown and I LOVED IT, and I cam utterly disappointing in the fact that I haven’t finished either… you can shame me now 😦
      If you’re interested in it, I TOTALLY recommend it 🙂 it was funny, and heart breaking, a really well written. I did enjoy it quiet a bit 🙂
      So yeah, enjoy it :)! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re the worse videogame lover of all time! (; Ready Player One is waaaaay better than Aramada (though they’re both super fun for videogame lovers). You need to read RPO ASAP. I promise you that you will freaking love it.


      2. Haha *cries* XD. I LOVE the idea of them, and I DEFINITELY have to read Ready Player One before the movie (SO EXCITED :D) and aye aye captain, I’ll move it up on my list XD!!


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