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Dark Energy Review

Five days ago, a massive UFO crashed in the Midwest, killing thousands of people. Since then, nothing–or no one–has come out.

If it were up to Alice, she’d be watching all of this on the news from Miami, Florida. Instead, she’s the newest student at a boarding school not far from the crash site–because her dad is the director of special projects for NASA, and if anything’s a special project, it’s this.

A shell-shocked country is waiting, glued to televisions and computer screens, for a sign of what the future holds. But when the aliens emerge, they’re nothing like what Alice expected. And only one thing is clear: Nothing will ever be the same again.


I was super excited to read Dark Energy, I’ve read just about all of Robison Wells books and pretty much enjoyed them all. My favorite was Variant and that book was super creepy and terrifying, so I thought Dark Energy would be just as explosive. Sadly, it wasn’t.

What I Liked

  • Few books make me smile/laugh, I just have a different sense of humor, or don’t get it. But the main character of Dark Energy had me smiling with her jokes/wit/humor. I enjoyed that bit a lot, it was a nice change! ^^


What I Didn’t Like

  • Pretty much everything else. I felt like the whole story was just talking, there wasn’t much detail or description at all. I wanted more evil aliens, more chaos but all I got was talking.
  • The aliens origins and the aliens in general were just really disappointing. I mean the description says, ‘nothing will ever be the same again.’ Did anything change other than the fact that they came? Nope. There was nothing too creepy or shocking.
  • The ending. Nope. Didn’t like it.


  • I’m not entirely sure why I finished this book, I didn’t like it all that much, to be honest. I guess I was just disappointed, I expected something darker or intense, but I didn’t get that at all 😦 But I did get some laughs from the main characters wit!


Daenerys sums it up!


On another note, does anyone have any new good book recommendations? I need something good, I haven’t read a good book in FOREVER!

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