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Queen of Hearts Review!


I was able to read this book for free from Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t change how I felt about it in any way, my review is honest!

I always intro a book review. ALWAYS. Except I’m not super sure on how I am going to intro this book. I think my review does a good enough job of introducing Queen of Hearts so here it is.

What I Liked

Queen of Hearts was, but wasn’t what I expected it to be. It IS about the Queen of Hearts and how she becomes the QUEEN of Hearts, but I didn’t imagine her origin story like this. It is an interesting, dark retelling of wonderland that surpised me A LOT. There were so many, “I did NOT see that coming moments.”

Like I said, the story itself was interesting. I liked that! This was a mystery of sorts, I haven’t read MANY mysteries but this one was gripping. I HAD to know what was going on, I HAD too! I am a bit sad that this is a series since I don’t know the FULL extent of how she is going to be Queen of Hearts but you know, you win some, you lose some XD

What I Didn’t Like

While I liked the idea itself, the story was boring to me. I couldn’t find a reason to really care for the characters which sound horrible O.O… It felt like they were jut kind of given to you, not really explained, meaning they didn’t give the characters much of a background or depth. Sooooo I didn’t find much to invest in the story >____<

The romance didn’t feel real, not that it was a HUGE part of the book. I like it when the romance feels real, Queen of Hearts isn’t instant love OR a love triangle. I DID like how she had always liked this guy, it made it a bit different from other romances. I just didn’t really feel her emotions for him, it felt a bit like a side note, again, I’m not trying to sound rude :P.

In a Nutshell

Queen of Hearts is certainly an interesting spin on Wonderland. While I enjoyed some parts of the book, it wasn’t my favorite :P. I don’t think I will be continuing this series, sadly…

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